07.19.2016 08:47 PM

The precise moment where I say Donald Trump is a liar liar pants on fire

On The National. Link here.

Say, have you heard SFH’s amazing song about Trump?


  1. Jay Currie says:

    And Hilly isn’t.

    Got it.

    • Richard says:

      This post isn’t about Hillary, it’s about Donald Trump.

      Do you post #AllLivesMatter in response to a Black Lives Matter post?

      • Jay Currie says:

        I do Richard…because #alllivesmatter is true.

        As is my note about Hilly being a liar. FBI Director Comely confirmed that before Congress as he answered questions about Hilly’s lies on her emails.

        Trump may well be a liar as Warren suggests; but he has never lied about his actions as a public official simply because he has never been one. Hillary has lied and lied and lied again. She lied as a public official – as if Benghazi was the result of a You-Tube video – and she’s lied about her actions as a public official “I turned over all the work related emails”. She lied under oath to Congress.

        If you love Hilly you embrace a liar who put her country at risk for reasons unknown.

        Oh, and you put a woman in office who refused to believe, and in fact denigrated, the stories told by the women who were raped and molested by her husband.


  2. Francis says:

    Like a car crash; a horrifying, fiery and bloody car crash that only gets worse when you think its over. All moving in slow motion as you helpless watch from the other side of the road.

  3. JeanAP says:

    WK, good comparison with folks gawking at a car crash site and wondering what gore we will see. Note that is “gore” not Gore.
    I eagerly await the instructions “move on, nothing to see here” because this Convention is truly vacuous.
    (When my spouse asked why I was glued to the TV during the National, all I could say was “HE WENT TO LOYOLA SCHOOL” because I am from N.D.G.originally. )

  4. Peter says:

    Yup, the answer is fact-checking. More and better fact-checking. Beats a demagogue every time. Let’s hope Hillary gives an inspiring philippic next week that causes cheers and tears to flow with her promise of evidence-based policies based on the advice of the best and most knowledgeable experts available. That’ll get the vote out for her and send those rubes scurrying back to their graveyard shifts at Walmart.

    I wonder how many horrified beautiful people dissecting his statements for empirical accuracy remember how their blood raced and their hearts went all a-flutter at the mere mention of the words hope and change.

  5. Pipes says:

    Hope ya had yur fill of a visitin them thar United States of Amerca, on account of if Mr. Donald J Trump gets to be elected, you mightn’t never be allowed in thar agin.

  6. Tim says:

    Nice to see you on CBC. You should get a gig with them.

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You look like you are in the process of being beamed up by Scotty.

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