08.01.2016 07:46 AM

Future historians will determine this is the newspaper that saved humanity 


  1. Aongasha says:

    Sorry none of this stuff is a game changer. Travelling in the US, it’s amazing to see how mad ordinary folks are at the elites and their media pals. And that doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Trump. It appears many just won’t vote that part of the ballot. I suspect there may be more Brexit type events to come, even here in Canada, before it’s all over. Occupy didn’t go away in the US either, just morphed into something else – anti-Trump and anti-Hillary

  2. Lance says:

    LOL This pretty much sums up Trump’s reaction to media coverage like this to a tee –


  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve decided that Trump’s campaign is performance art. He’s actually pursuing a PhD in Greater Koozbanian Cultural Studies and his Prez Run is part of his field research.

  4. Francis says:

    This dumb motherfucker probably couldn’t point out Ukraine on a map even it was labeled.

    But at least he could describe Ukraine with all the words he knows — big words; the best words.

  5. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    A friend of a friend on FB suggested that the Democrats should do a split screen ad using the Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump “wall” messages. Sounds like a smart idea that you may want to produce or pass along.


  6. Bernie Orbust says:

    Trump: wants to keep the 25 years of peace with Russia. Hillary: believes war with Russia is a “business opportunity.”

    Hillary will save humanity by triggering WW3. Plus the military industrial complex pays her by the bomb. It’s win-win!

    -Bernie Orbust

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Bernie Orbust,

      Who went into Poland thinking that Chamberlain would again blink? The United States is done blinking after Georgia and Ukraine. A wise Russia will remember that.

    • james elder says:

      you really have to stop watching the puppets if you believe those pulling the strings are going to risk incineration while they split up the cash in the backroom. that was a Mulroney reference cause old brown bag brian was a master of it.

    • doconnor says:

      Peace between Trump and Putin will work as well as the peace between Hilter and Stalin did.

  7. tall4562 says:

    If that is true, God help us all.

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