08.14.2016 10:12 AM

Pretty much 


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    Ron says:

    When Drumpf loses, it will be because the election has been rigged against him.

    That’s what he says he believes. But he knows the jig is up. He will really lose
    because he is Drumpf.

    The rest is an exercise in face saving.

    I would like to see him get the Barry Goldwater treatment.

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    Steve T says:

    Here’s hoping. We all thought he wouldn’t make it as a finalist for the Republican candidacy either (never mind winning), so perhaps we can’t underestimate the stupidity of voters.

    I also see that the “media is the biased enemy” meme is now front-and-centre for the Trump campaign. The premise seems to be that anything bad reported about Trump (even verbatim quotes) are the product of a biased media. A bit ironic for a guy who previously thrived on media exposure, and probably owes much of his success to coverage of him.

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      Jon Evan says:

      “stupidity of voters”
      This is wrong. The voters are always right!
      I don’t know how it will all turn out, but remember brexit! The elite said the voters are stupid to vote against the EU. We know how that turned out.
      Why is Trump not at zero in the polls? He should be considering his style and substance. But he is not! Why? Because of the ‘stupidity of voters’? No!
      Voters have a bone to pick about the present status quo in the USA like they did with brexit. Trump, whether we like him or not is their USexit from the status quo which many do not like.

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        Steve T says:

        I hate to trot out the inevitable Hitler analogy, but it seems appropriate here. Were German voters “always right” when they elected Hitler? Sure, they were responding to the post-WW1 conditions in Germany, and therefore their actions might be understandable – but they weren’t wise, or right, when looking through the lens of history.

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          Jon Evan says:

          Judging people in hindsight is too easy. Either you believe in democracy or you do not. Nothing is perfect even democracy and even you have made mistakes.
          Is Trump Hitler? Is Hilary the devil? Yes, time will tell but we don’t have the lens of history at the moment only democracy I’m afraid which can elect monsters and such is the reality of this world.

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    e.a.f. says:

    that is a poster I would buy.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Asshole, yes. Loser, not yet.

    According to recent polls, Reuters/Ipsos (41% – 36%) and Breitbart/Gravis (42% – 37%), if the election was held today and 3% of the vote switched from Hillary to Trump, he would get more votes than Hillary.



    Never in my life have I seen the media selectively cover polls against a candidate the way I have seen them do it in this campaign against Trump. I wonder if they are actually helping or hurting Trump.

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