08.22.2016 06:17 AM

This campaign is a Daisy campaign

More proof below. Not bad. 


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    MississaugaPeter says:

    The first Hillary “Daisy” ad was better. Massive ad buy on that one. Unlike 1964 original, which only aired ONCE!

    Personally, I think it has helped Hillary. But it has not knocked Trump out. And that in my opinion is going to be a problem once he starts buying airtime as well. And starts to run his own “Daisy” ads.

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      Charlie says:

      Its not going to make any difference.

      The support on both sides has crystallized and Trump has done irreparable damage to his own campaign and image.

      He spent every minute drawing negative attention on himself instead of focusing on his opponent and has reached a point of no return.

      He has adamantly run an anti-campaign with no consistent communications and messaging strategy for over year, and can’t turn that on a dime with only a few months left until the election.

      He can run as many negative Hilary ads, but they aren’t going to reverse the damages done to his own campaign. More importantly, he’s proven himself utterly incapable of averting controversy. He just can’t stop talking about himself. For every ad he buys, he’ll overshadow it with two new controversies of his own.

      Fundamentally, Donald Trump won’t buy the kind of airtime he would need because he’s incredibly cheap. He believes that if he can use earned media (which, to his credit, he has succeed at very well in the past), then why would he ever pay a cent to any network?

      At this point on, we are watching the Trump campaign crumble under the weight of Trump’s stupidity and arrogance. There is no saving the Donald from himself.

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    Michael Bluth says:

    Agreed it hasn’t knocked Trump out.

    The narrative of the race is changing. This time last week it was ‘another Trump reset’.

    This week it is ‘can Trump’s reset last’.

    If he keeps heading down the road of a more traditional campaign I would expect the ad buys to start very soon.

    Perhaps the 24 hour news cycle has been replaced with a more traditional campaign starting after Labour Day. I’m sure a lot of people were watching the Olympics. Now they might just enjoy the end of summer before paying real attention to the campaign.

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    Kevin says:

    That’s really good. Of course, you’re preaching to the converted here, but still…

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    Ron says:

    Donald Drumpf is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

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    Bernie Orbust says:

    Just one wrong bribe and civilization is toast.

    Hill is promoting a cold war revival with Russia for two reasons: 1) as a campaign strategy to target neocons; 2) because the military industrial complex pays by the bomb and a mini arms race would be great for business. (The post-war specter of nuclear Armageddon wasn’t all that bad!)

    Hill has already signaled banking deregulation via a Tim Kaine dog-whistle. Another financial meltdown will cause some European nations to reject capitalism for fascism which will plunge civilization into WW3. (The financial industry is lousy with the same CDO/ABS derivative nonsense that triggered the 2008 collapse. This time in car debt, credit cards, lines of credit and reverse mortgages.)

    That Trump isn’t presidential in manner only demonstrates how Hillary is not in so many more important ways.

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    Lukelele says:

    That is a good ad. It is good because it has an important, clear message, and cherry-picks just the right quotes to validate the premise without even bending the truth. Sometimes a fearful message is the correct one, and a sobering message is what soft Trump supporters really need to consider.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I view all polling this far out as totally unreliable, whether they show Rodham Clinton or Trump in a consistent lead.

    And given polling’s great misses in the not so distant past, I expect Shy Somebodies to ultimately decide this race right in the ballot box. That’s why a Trump win is still theoretically possible.

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    PJ Gill says:

    This race is over. Clinton is going to win in an Electoral College landslide. Trump cannot walk back the anti-Muslim comments, African-Americans will never forgive him for questioning President Obama’s citizenship. White suburban soccer moms are not going to support a blatantly bigoted candidate. Some establishment Republicans do not trust Trump, with good reason, with his finger on the nuclear arsenal. You do not insult a Gold star mother and win election campaigns.

    One caveat: The above is based on Democrats continuing to campaign hard, and using their ground game to GOTV.

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