09.26.2016 04:05 AM

John Laschinger is a nice veteran campaigner

…but he’s kind of totally full of crap. Just saw a lonely copy of his new book in Indigo. I won’t bore you with all the details – it’s long ago, life goes on, etc. – but his book contains some unmitigated bullshit. Including, inter alia, that he and the Chow campaign decided to mutually “part ways” with me. 

Um, no.  I parted ways with them.

When Olivia Chow lied, and told a disbelieving Toronto media she didn’t really know me, that I was just one of “thousands of volunteers,” blah blah blah, I decided to quit. But Laschinger repeatedly refused to accept my resignation from Chow’s campaign, by email, text and voicemail. Below is part of just one email exchange in which (a) I tell him I’m quitting and (b) he implores me not to.  Not at all the impression he tries to give his readers in his little book, that’s for sure.

Anyway.  Whatever. My opinion came to be that Chow was a lousy candidate, and that a really lousy job was done running her campaign. But the fact is that we didn’t “part ways.”

I quit.



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