09.09.2016 07:03 AM

On its 50th anniversary, how much did we love Star Trek? Bonus: Hot Nasties news!

Enough to write a song about it, that is now covered by the likes of the Palma Violets – Invasion of the Tribbles.  Here’s one old Hot Nasties guy with them in L.A., three Summers back.  Happy 50th, Enterprise.


In related Hot Nasties news, get this: two previously-unheard Nasty tracks – recorded live in studio, but not on a cassette recorder in Rockin ‘ Al’s basement – are coming out soon! Video, too! More than three decades later, the Hot Nasties ride again! Get your Nasties stuff here, on iTunes!

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    Lala says:

    I demand royalties for the video footage. Also, I’m the agent for your newest Nasty. I’m coming for you, Kinsella. You’ve been warned.

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