09.01.2016 08:05 AM

September 1 bits and pieces

This and that:

  • The TOR are everything:  As Neil correctly notes, the commission investigating missing and murdered women – a commission I always opposed, because I think the findings will be used to maintain division, not end it – must be mandated in its terms of reference to probe the role of the police. It’ll be like Paul Martin excluding polling from the TOR of Gomery (which he did): it’ll be a farce. 
  • Um, Erin Who?  He may be a very nice and very capable person, this O’Toole fellow, but it’s unlikely any of us could pick him out of a one-man police lineup. If the Conservatives don’t pick someone who is fresh and well-known – someone to address Trudeau’s key strengths, as Raitt, Rempel and MacKay do – they’re screwed for a decade or more. 
  • Flip-flops 101: The Star is making a big deal out of this sex Ed thing because the last poll they commissioned showed the Ontario PCs up about 20 points on he Ontario Grits. That said, it’s a legitimate story, and it relates to the existential question, per Pete Townshend, at the centre of politics: who are you? If you have lots of priorities, you don’t have one priority. Brown could have said: “We believe in sexual education curriculum. We don’t believe in Kathleen Wynne’s sexual education curriculum.” Or: “Involving parents in their own kids’ education – whether it’s sex ed or some other part of the curriculum – isn’t right wing. It’s the right thing to do.” He didn’t. 
  • And, speaking of having two positions on one issue... We give you Donald Trump. Yesterday, he was all pro-Mexico in Mexico. Back Stateside later on, in Arizona, he said the exact opposite, and demonized Latino/Hispanic Americans.  Is he the scum of the Earth? But he’ll get away with it if Demicrats don’t highlight the contradiction – which some have started to do. 


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    doconnor says:

    Even more then most politicians Brown says what he thinks you want to hear. Unfortunately the era for those kinds of politicians ended last year. Clinton will be the last of them.

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      The Doctor says:

      Yes, human beings and human nature have fundamentally changed forever.

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    Ron says:

    Pena Nieto / Drumpf summit.

    Wimp meets chimp.

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    !o! says:

    Did you manage to catch this one? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-schmeltzer/trump-makes-white-nationa_b_11814808.html

    Trump wants to repeal the immigration and nationality act to (in his words) “keep immigration levels measured by population share within historical norms”.

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    Charlie says:

    On Erin: A better question would be, Conservatives, who? The current slate of candidates vying for the leadership is pretty pathetic. Its the D-list of the CPC with a mix of some washed up B-listers. Where things stand right now, Maxime Bernier is the most active candidate while Kellie Leitch cant stop drowning herself in the well of “Canadian values” and tip-lines, and Peter McKay will likely decline the leadership, knowing full well he won’t see the inside of the PMO for at least another 7 years.

    On Trump: I’m starting to admire the audacity of a man who is able to sit down with the Mexican President, praise Mexicans and not say a word about financing a wall, then going back to his supporters and essentially telling them “yeah, no, the Mexicans are totally on board with paying for something thats meant to keep them out”.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The two Rs have very little chance against Justin. Only MacKay has a decent shot at it.

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