09.04.2016 08:03 AM

September 4, 1984

September 4, 1984, and my prediction of a massive #lpc win in 2015. Here.


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    dave constable says:

    …and if we improve our voting system so as to give us a more accurate representation after the 2019 election, the people will be even righter.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Conventional wisdom by its very nature is usually wrong to some degree. I try to stay away from the herd mentality and group-think. As Frank M. O’Dowd used to say: everything is bullshit. A wise Dad!

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    The Doctor says:

    I think your comparison of the 1984 and 2015 elections is apt, in that JT is likely going to be guaranteed two terms, given that his opposition is weakened and in disarray (or, charitably, rebuilding).

    One difference between Mulroney and JT in Mulroney’s favour: Mulroney didn’t pander like JT does; he had the guts to bring in unpopular but wise policies like the GST. JT would never have the balls to bring in something as unpopular as the GST.

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