10.28.2016 06:28 PM

A presidential news conference 

Four minutes. Questions asked, answers given. That’s a real president. 


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    Stuart du Kamp says:

    The answers she gave, however, didn’t match the questions she was asked……….

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    Daryl gordon says:

    No more waiting for the new “House of Cards” . The real thing is much more amusing.

    Democratic strategy is attack FBI Head Comey and dismiss Abedin email discovery. Talking points include “release the information”, condemn Comey, unprecedented, nothing to see here, move along.

    Meanwhile right wing media (NY Post, Wash Examiner, Fox ) and the usual Internet sources were breaking the story: Weiner Cooperating With FBI. Translation: singing like a bird to save his miserable hide.

    Again no coverage by mainstream media of this.

    Weiner voluntarily handed over the device to FBI some time ago, no warrant needed to examine the contents.
    It stands to reason that Comey knows exactly what it contains hence no concern about reopening the investigation just before the election. Political cover courtesy of Bills tarmac visit with Department of Justice head. Lynch was forced to recuse herself, Comey was able to act on his own.

    Win or lose, Clinton’s legal problems aren’t going away and she just added the FBI to a growing list of powerful enemies.

    Next week watch for the rats jumping off this sinking ship.

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