10.18.2016 02:04 PM

Best political commercial of 2016

Sorry, Hill. This one, your team can’t top. (And, yes, it’s real.)


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    Ted H says:

    Very good, I like that guy, even if he is Republican, I guess he’s one of the few good ones.

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    Elsie Marley says:

    Too hilarious! That commercial is simply fabulous – on so many levels. Thanks for sharing it, Warren!

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    Charlie says:

    Holy shit, this is a campaign ad for a county commissioner?!

    This makes Trump’s already shitty ads look like they were shot with a BlackBerry Curve 8320.

    Wow, this guy deserves kudos for putting the effort and care into making a good, professional clip. I’m always shocked by how people skimp on political ads and how bad they look, particularly in the US.

    As a comms person, it makes me cringe when people don’t put effort into their messaging. This is a pleasant change of pace.

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    dave constable says:

    I came across Ted Rall (an American gadfly) and his 4 ways that your candidate can ensure she wins:

    1. Guarantee Sanders a cabinet post. (too late to make him running mate…but his supporters will either go to Stein or stay home. You want them, share the spoils with them.)
    2. Promise to be a 1 term pres. (Do not run an admin on getting re elected in 2020. Leave the office at 74, with a useful record.)
    3. Admit Obamacare is flawed, and fix it, right away. ( I guarantees minimum profits to the private insurance industry. Offer a public option.)
    4. No more wars. (Your record is bad, real bad. Say you will never deploy your military anywhere except to directly defend American soil itself. No more – just Stop it.)

    There you go, WK, take that to the campaign headquarters. It’s not foreign intervention, because Rall is American…but I am betting not too many in the campaign read his stuff. Tell them you guarantee a win if these promises and steps are taken.

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      Sean says:

      Rall’s #4 would be dumb, and I’m a hater of war.
      You don’t even need to read Trump’s ghostwriter’s books to know that’s very bad strategy.
      I guarantee a win without these promises, just with today’s polls and a grownup GOTV effort on e-day,
      which she has.
      Last week I booked my family’s trip down to DC in January.
      Then the hard work of transition/unification.

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    Ron says:

    I wouldn’t even reach for the mute button if they were all like that.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    That was a lot of fun! good on him

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