10.03.2016 08:29 AM

Off to Clinton’s Brooklyn HQ to volunteer!

Will be fun. The poll below is encouraging, but there’s a long way to go and lots of work to do. When losing, say nothing and work hard; when winning, say less and work harder!


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    Mark says:

    I’m just shocked that someone as uninformed as Johnson can be doing so well as a third party candidate. As for Clinton and Trump, I remain thoroughly unimpressed to say the least.

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      Greyapple says:

      Lots of polls show Johnson doing well with millennials and service members, and apparently some polls have Johnson between 20-30% support in his native New Mexico, where he was once Governor! Perhaps his antics over the last week have hurt him, but it remains to be seen. He may well be a spoiler this election, and, surprisingly, it seems that he’s drawing off more support from Clinton than Trump.

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    Kevin says:

    Good luck to you. Most of us would be horrified by a Trump presidency.

    But there’s a very interesting perspective from Walter Kirn in this month’s Harper’s. He writes: “Trump doesn’t scare; he can be contained. What scares me is the vacuum that sucked him onto center stage. The space he occupies held something else once, but it has vanished.”

    Scary stuff.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    God Bless and good luck Warren. Your contribution is important and appreciated.

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    Francis says:

    Johnson and Stein: two assholes who don’t know the difference between the shit their trying to peddle and reality, yet demand (and bitch) they get equal attention.

    If there’s anyone stupider than Trump, it may just be Gary. That this guy has 9% in the polls speaks volumes of troglodytes who think they’re too good to vote Trump yet are fine with voting for Captain Aleppo.

    Then you have that self-righteous idiot Jill, who doesn’t understand how basic fucking math works and what happens when votes are bled away from one of two main contenders. I can’t begin to comprehend the depths of arrogance this woman possesses as she actively seeks shameless self-glorification; because there is no scenario where this woman ever takes the WH.

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    dave constable says:

    Oh good! The possible nuclear war, pro big money party is losing.
    Oh, no! The probable nuclear war, pro big money party is winning.

    Most polls tell me the Clinton campaign is ahead anywhere from 1 to 6 points. The LA Times/USC tracking poll is always friendly to the Trump campaign, having them ahead 4 to 6 points.

    What strikes me about the Johnson presented on media is that the media runs the clip (for examples, of the Aleppo thing, and the world leader blank out) and cuts it off to make their point, but they do not run anything else of those interviews. I am pretty sure there is lots of media mud to fling at both Johnson and Stein in weeks to come. The Clinton campaign has to show its big backers that it is doing something with their donation.

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    billg says:

    Good Luck, go get ’em.
    Funny, in Canada we vote Liberal and Conservative governments, both pretty much middle of the road when it comes to actually governing.
    In the US right now the choices are a stable Democratic government that wont do anything stupid and might surprise everyone vs Jack Nickolson in One Flew Over the Cuckows Nest, so, no pressure, but we’re kinda countin’ on you.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    I don’t buy it. University of Southern California / LA times has it at 47 (Trump) vs 43 Hillary. I don’t believe that either but when you get polls that far apart over the same period it makes you question them all. I think this race is much closer than this. Trump always polls lower than his actual results.

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      monkey says:

      USC tracking is questionable since it is way off other polls. Also what they did is they asked people how they voted in 2012 and then made sure it represented that and they’ve found in the past the people who say they voted for the winner is usually higher than the actual number who did so using past voting pattern for weighting is a bad idea. The proper way is to use demographics. Yes its possible Trump could win, but I think Nate Silver’s current prediction of 70% chance Hillary Clinton and 30% chance Trump is about right. I also think if an election were called today, only three states would flip with Trump picking up Ohio and Iowa, but Clinton picking up North Carolina, everything else would be the same as 2012. The problem is Trump will almost certainly do worse amongst minorities than Romney did and likewise he will do worse amongst both white women and college educated whites. So essentially he needs to gain amongst white males and non-college educated whites to offset this and there are only so many votes to be gained there. Clinton’s real weakness is although millennials don’t like Trump, many are going for Gary Johnson who is polling around 20% amongst them, so needs to do better amongst them.

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      Ron says:

      With roughly a month to go, I think this race is a blowout in the making.

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    sam says:

    Not a fan of either candidate, glad I’m not an american right now.

    Hillary calling herself a champion of women after the way she treated bubba’s cast offs is a cruel joke. As for Trump, he’s just an asshole, period.

    Had the GOP put anyone else up, particularly Rubio, they’d be wiping the floor with Hillary now. Bet I’m not the only one thinking that too.

    Good fodder for the media crowd however, could be even better after Assange spills what he knows, if anything..

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    monkey says:

    I think the real thing to remember is there are two more debates. In 2012, Romney won the first debate and pulled ahead, but then Obama came back in the next two debates and won. Off course Trump unlike Obama is a lot less politically astute and enjoys doing dumb things, that being said it seems there is a hardcore 40% who will vote for him no matter what stupid thing he does. That being said according to 538, Clinton would only over 2012 lose Ohio, Iowa, and Maine 2nd district and in the case of Ohio it’s very close. On the other hand Trump would lose North Carolina thus enough for Clinton to win. It looks like for now Colorado, New Hampshire, and Virginia are her firewall.

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    Innocent III says:

    Enjoy yourself in New York but I think that I can promise that there really isn’t ‘lots of work to do’. HRC will win this without much difficulty. Nate Silver is showing her with over 300 votes in the Electoral College (http://fivethirtyeight.com Oct 2 @ 6:30 pm). The popular vote may be close (47% HRC v 43% DT) but obviously that’s not what decides this election.

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    The Doctor says:

    Very commendable of you to help the cause, although where Hillary REALLY needs help is in places like Ohio. Just read Patrick Martin’s piece in today’s Globe re: the situation in Ohio. God that was depressing.

    Trump’s basic message to evangelicals: I’m not one of you, but if elected I will appoint nothing but far-right firebreathers to the Supreme Court, and they will rule in accord with Christian theocratic principles. The strategy appears to be working.

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    Riaz Khan says:

    Indeed.. Mr. Trump will not win as I have been saying since Jan, 2016. The mathematics of electoral college have not been kind to his campaign. In this day and age, if you are unable to court certain strong voting blocks such as women, you are bound to head a loosing battle. I make a similar argument in my travels to the Mid-East where I tell the ruling elites that numbers are not on their side. You cannot suppress more than half of the population. Eventually, they will demand rights and that terrifies the old order. If there is a hope of that part of the world, it is the rise of women power. For #HRC, the world she is about to inherit is quite unstable. The issues and challenges she will confront are nothing compared to Mr. Trump; both domestically but especially at the world stage.

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