10.31.2016 06:44 AM

The final week

This is the theme I would have been hammering away at – although not in the way this is done (too many talking heads).

Here’s the original, about which I named my company.

Time to let this sonofabitch have it, hard. Leave him gasping for air.


  1. Gaspard dela Jour says:

    I’m Observant. I’m a sicko piece of shit.

  2. Ken Vincent says:

    Didn’t Putin say that electing Clinton could result in nuclear WWIII? Of course we all know Putin wants Trump and Trump wants to “make a deal” with Putin —–like frat bros!!!

  3. monkey says:

    Actually the little girl in that ad is being used again this time as an adult in a Clinton ad http://time.com/4551744/hillary-clinton-daisy-girl-donald-trump-ad/ . Brilliant strategy on the Clinton campaign.

  4. Maps Onburt says:

    It’s a real stretch. Goldwater was never going to bring about Armageddon just as Reagan (the dem’s did the same mudracking with him) never brought about WW3 but instead brought about the fall of the Soviet Union. The original ad got the US into the first war it ever lost and 50,000 dead. What new war will Clinton get us into? She’s already screwed up Syria and Libya. Half of Russians now think WW3 is going to start in Syria. They aren’t concerned about Trump starting it…

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