11.11.2016 10:55 AM

Before the Trump Dark Ages begin in earnest

…here’s my new credo. 


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    PJ says:

    I concur with your credo. I will never respect Trump. Maybe if your white, you can gloss over his bigotry and vote for him in spite of it. The 53% of white women who voted for Trump good luck in the years ahead explaining to your daughters and granddaughters how you rationalize voting for a mysoginist.
    If you voted for Trump, you are deplorable.
    So kind of the GOP and Trump to start showing respect to President Obama after railroading and delegitimizing for the past 8 years. I see he wants an infrastructure spending bill as a stimulus , hmm the same thing Obama was refused by a GOP Congress 6 years ago.

    This bigot is unworthy of respect no matter what office he will hold. Its 2016 not 1916.
    Democrats need to do to him what the GOP did to Obama. I’m sure they could find dirt on him to impeach him.

    MSM thanks for your compliance in his candidacy. You failed to call him out as a bigot when he started his bearther movement. You talk about how Dems need to reach out to white working class workers (and they do) but fail to talk about how racism and bigotry and white resentment played a role in this election. Now you accept that Steve Bannon may be his Chief of Staff.

    Donald Trump is not going to bring back the old factory jobs in the rust belt. They are gone and they are never coming back. The economy has changed.
    No Mr. Trump and the people who voted for him, you own it and you cannot walk away from this.

    Bernie Sanders supporters still think there is no difference between Clinton and Trump, enjoy the next 4 years and if you didn’t vote for Clinton keep your mouth shut.

    Almost half of Americans told minorities what they really think of them.

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      gyor says:

      13% of black men voted Trump, 4% black women, 33% of hispanic men, 26% of hispanic woman, ect… voted for Trump, so enough with the white hate, Trump’s white male vote was down compared to Romney, his minorities voters went up. Romney lost, Trump won with his minority voters pushing him over the top.

      The truth is its the people who picked Hillary over Sanders, Sanders the outsider, with zero scandals, with great policies, who stood ahead of the curve on civil rights while Hillary waged expensive wars and voted against gay marriage, ect…


      People told you they could do a President Hillary, they were ignored, her scandals ignored. If Bernie had won, he’d have had every advantage, he’d have crushed Trump, and the democracts would possibly have win Congress and the Senate.

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        The Doctor says:

        Your last couple of sentences are what historians can a counter-factual. It’s absolutely impossible to prove or disprove, so you can pour whatever wet-dream fantasy you want into it.

        I would point out, though, that America is the most right-leaning of all the Western liberal democracies. To think that a self-declared socialist would have cruised to victory is a bit rosy-eyed. And please don’t whip polls out as “proof” that Bernie would have won. Those are polls relating to a race that never actually existed. And the preponderance of polls said Hillary was going to win handily.

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        Ron2 says:

        Your comment about the Hispanic vote is very interesting and it reveals a divide in the Hispanic community in the USA. Those that voted for Trump agreed with him on the criminality of the Mexican border infiltrators flooding the country and bringing down safety and acceptance of Hispanics. Decent legal Hispanic immigrants don’t want the criminal illegals mainly from Mexico to be in the country and disgrace all of them. I’m surprised more Hispanics didn’t vote for Trump, but perhaps the stay at home vote of Democrat Hispanics made the difference.

        Speaking to Hispanics who immigrated to Canada, from Columbia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, they considered Mexicans to be lower class Hispanics and not nice people too. It seems there is a class discrimination within the Hispanic society too and that may be what showed up in the US vote.

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        aggo says:

        Personally, I have my doubts that Sanders could have beaten Trump, even though Sanders has the most integrity of all the candidates. His reputation is just too left-wing for most Americans (even if he moved more to the centre to get votes). I also suspect that a Trump vs. Sanders election would be even more ugly and divisive. Furthermore, if Sanders lost, Democrats would be saying “See? We should have had Hillary! She would have been the safer bet.”

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        PJ says:

        Gyor, first of all you don’t know me. For the record I do not hate white people. (2016, do I really need to say that?)
        However, when you have President -elect who paved his way to power fuel by questioning the legitimacy of the first African-American President and issuing blanket statements that Mexicans are rapists and murderers that is bigotry. I will speak up against bigotry wherever and whenever I see it.

        Just because some African -Americans and Latinos and women voted for him does not change the fact that he is misogynistic bigot.

        Donald Trump did not have to run such a campaign, he could have run a successful campaign around reforming failed trade deals, immigration reform, and a plan for economic prosperity for all without the racist overtones.

        His black outreach was speaking in predominately white communities and saying inner cities are going to hell, stoking white fear. What elected officials think and say matters.

        We had Richard Nixon and his Southern strategy after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. We have Donald Trump after the first African-American President. There is a racial component to the election result around white anxiety and fear that they are losing their privileged place in society, that God forbid they must view African -Americans and other minorities as their equal.
        No I’m not suggesting that that is the only reason he won but it is an important part of it.

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    Bill says:

    The Left made a big deal about Trump not committing to accept the results of the election before ballots were cast because they fully expected a Clinton win. When it didn’t turn out that way protesters were out in full force claiming they were protesting Trump but in fact it is democracy they are protesting – they refuse to accept the results. One of my biggest beefs with progressives is that they accept the decisions of our elected bodies and of the courts if the outcome goes their way but if it doesn’t, they claim social license to justify physically blocking whatever activity they oppose.

    If half the population continues to believe that Brexit and a Trump victory is only due to the other half of the population being nothing but ignorant knuckle draggers then there is little hope of finding a way out of the mess the West is in.

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      The Doctor says:

      I despise Trump, but I’m wincing at these people refusing to accept the result. It makes it awfully easy for Trump supporters to call them hypocrites. And not without justification. Same with the whining about the electoral college. The electoral college was just ducky back when all those EC projections had Hillary winning.

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    Liam Young says:

    These are dark days
    But I won’t live in despair
    And because I’m not angry
    Doesn’t mean I don’t care

    The Democrats had every chance to show their disgust after Clinton threw Sanders under the bus.
    What happens in the next four years is as much on them as it is on Trump.

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    dave constable says:

    Bothersome thought is if American media can be so wrong about local affairs, how accurate are they in reporting foreign affairs?

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      HarryR says:

      There’s the rub, Dave. The media don’t “report” anything. Reporting is the posting of pertinent, factual information. The media deliver only their agenda-driven spin, all the while NOT PAYING ATTENTION. That’s why they look such fools.

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    Jose says:

    They were not wrong .They chose to present a false narrative.Actually they’ve been doing that for years and they’re still doing it now.I remember from my altar boy days half a century ago that Credo means ‘I believe” so I don’t get the usage here.

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    Curt says:

    In 1775 the citizens of the present United Dtates had a little revolution against its rulers.
    In 2016 nearly 50 million citizens of the United States had a little revolution against its rulers.
    Justin, ought to take note as he seems to be losing touch with a whole lot of people.

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      Kelly says:

      Except more people voted for Hillary. The phony electoral system put Trump in the White House.

      We are going to correct our electoral system so the 60+ percent of voters in Canada who will never vote Conservative will have a say and the Cons won’t get in power again until they present policies that benefit all Canadians, rather than the wealthiest and whitest and oldest and grouchiest. But I digress.

      Trump won’t be President for more than a year. He will be impeached. Pence knows this, so he help his nose and stayed on as VP despite the criminal predatory behaviours documented about Trump. Then we will have a theocracy on our border, and it really won’t be funny anymore.

      China laughs.

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    Larry says:

    Warren, enough already. It was a virtual tie. If 10,000 votes had gone the other way in a couple of states then Hillary would be President Elect and the other 60 million voters in the Trump camp would be pissed off. Trump is all the terrible things that people say about him but 60 million voters don’t care. They would rather have him than another Clinton in the White House.

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      Warren says:

      My opinion. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

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        dave constable says:

        Lol..it is your opinion…and we are all here to help you with that.

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    PJH says:

    My hope is that the man is smart enough to hire the best people available to give him the wise counsel he desperately needs……There maybe dark ages ahead…..but I thought I did see a ray of light in Putin seemingly wanting to re-establish better relations with the US. I dont think we would have seen the same reaction with a HRC win….

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      Kelly says:

      Oh we have nothing to worry about with people like Palin, Christie, Gingrich, Bolton and Guiiani in cabinet. Top drawer. All of them. And of course Plain can see Russia from her house so she can keep and eye on Putin. Welcome to government by scary clown.

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        PJH says:

        Not exactly draining the swamp, I will agree……….but what candidate doesnt reward their earliest, and biggest boosters?…..I certainly hope he doesnt include Palin in the mix…….that indeed would be a disaster…….but I’m still hoping he has a list of decent, intelligent people to fill the many other cabinet positions……

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          bluegreenblogger says:

          From what little I know of past Trump associates, I would not count too heavily on a steady supply of decent people. I have not seen one face around him yet that I would trust with the silverware. Smart without the decent is worse than decent and dumb.

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      Charlie says:

      I think you’re correct about your deduction on Clinton, but we have no clue what “re-establishing” relations actually means.

      Remember, with Putin, everything comes with a cost.

      If Russia did interfere with the US election and Trump is in fact their preferred President, then Putin obviously has an objective he would like fulfilled. I think the general consensus amongst international observers is that Putin seeks a US secession from many key regional interests. Trump has shown a willingness to comply and it could mean Russian advancement in Ukraine (or strengthening of presence) as the US withdraws; it could mean a coordinated effort between Russian and US in Syria, targeting only rebels — as opposed to ISIS; or it could mean the lifting of many sanctions on Russia, thereby strengthening the Russian economy.

      Trump’s Presidency will have many serious ramifications and could possibly mean a major shift geopolitical relations that hasn’t been seen since the days of East/West Germany. Economies will be effected by this change as well.

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      doconnor says:

      I hope the people he hires are smart enough work around him to get the things the need to be done, done. Giving him wise counsel has virtually no chance of success.

      I’m sure Putin is happy with someone who will get him annex enough terriorty to keep him looking powerful in the eyes of his people.

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    dave constable says:

    Something odd in the news I am seeing is the cast of characters being mooted as the core of Trump’s cabinet. This doesn’t look anti-establishment at all…at least, so far.

    (I am going to end up having no idea what ‘Drain the swamp” means.)

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      Charlie says:

      It obviously doesn’t mean to Trump what it means to the 60 million Americans who voted from him.

      Its one of the dozens of things that confused the hell out of me about Trump’s campaign.

      For all the criticisms of Clinton’s closeness with the “establishment”, Trump surrounded himself with elite, has-been, losers like Giuliani, Christie, Gingrich and Preibus.

      The same people that will likely head a Trump administration are the ones that were, at one point in time, a part of the very system Trump supporters despise.

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      Nicole says:

      Of course Trump isn’t going to do anything he promised to change government. He is simply going to make sure he can profit directly as much as possible and will let Pence deal with the hard stuff.

      The little guy in the rust belt who was willing to overlook the racism and misogyny in the hope of getting back his manufacturing job will be sorely disappointed. That ship sailed decades ago as the ultimate result of St Reagan breaking the unions and helping companies move to countries where the livable wage is not required. Republicans have been playing a con and getting the working class to vote against their self interest for decades now, Trump simply just did it in the most vulgar manner possible.

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        The Doctor says:

        Umm, this thingy called technology has also had a fair bit to do with the loss of those old rust belt factory jobs. Just sayin’.

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          Warren says:

          It’s easier to blame a brown person than a microchip.

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            The Doctor says:

            Very true. At least the Luddites smashed machines and not people.

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    Pat says:

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding what’s meant by not accepting the results, but isn’t that a way of thinking that we all denounced Trump (rightly) for, when he said he’d only accept the results *if* he won? Yes, there’s a case to be made about why popular vote should matter more there (and here). But the EC system is the same one that delivered Obama, Kennedy and plenty of other good people to office. It’s flawed but not invalid. Not liking the outcome and fighting like hell against government actions: that’s all very well and a right of citizenship. A duty, even. How and why he won are matters worth getting mad at. But it doesn’t help anyone in fighting the fact *that* he won.

    I see politics as something that at best gives us what we want only half of the time. It’s in that other half where we learn the most.

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    Ron says:

    “And I think the last thing we need right now is to have a trial about events that occurred six years ago or seven years ago “…. and blah blah woof woof.

    If Mr. Petrocelli thinks a judge should fall for that old dodge, then its hard to imagine him getting past grade 8 much less graduating from UCLA and Southwestern Law.

    Ambulance chasers will chuck anything at the wall.

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    Sean McLaughlin says:

    This list is just going to get longer and longer: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tasneemnashrulla/racist-incidents-after-trumps-victory?utm_term=.bnmBy7y36#.bbmx0N041

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    Mike in Calgary says:

    I remember when Harper first got elected. All I heard from my liberal friends was how abortion was going to illegal. Gays marriage was going to to be illegal. All if it of course never happened. Just old school fear mongers. Some people just need a straw man to kick around to feel tough.

    I believe even Mr. Kinsella made note of the earlier false accusations against Harper in one of his blog posts.

    I am not a Trump fan. But as all the billionaires, liberals, media (etc.) dog piled on, I started to feel bad for Trump as this seemed beyond just politics it seemed particularly evil. Then a few of my non white American associates asked me why Canadians en mass dismiss their life experiences and opinions. It opened my eyes to how much hate we have in Canada for other countries and cultures.


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      Kelly says:

      The Canadians I know don’t hate Americans; they hate lying, misogynistic, racist, serial predator tax cheats.

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        Maps Onburt says:

        Most of what you accuse Trump of can also be said for Hillary. And don’t say Canadians don’t hate American’s… there are lots of (very stupid in my mind) Canadians who do. The Liberal party is full of them.

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      mow mow says:


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    Nasty Bob says:

    We might do this as well – THE MEDICINE WHEEL PROJECT

    The problem is the level of political discourse, stateside, over the last few decades has slid atrociously low. Remember when it was funny to hear Dan Aykroyd say ” Jane you ignorant slut! ” The humour is lost in today’s USA where such sentiments are commonly expressed in politics, mainstream and social media alike. It’s sunk so low, become so common, that a rude, sexist, bigot doesn’t seem out of place, is considered presidential material and embraced by half the population

    I thank God I live in a land where a “barbaric cultural practises hotline” loses elections.

    I thank God I live in a land where ordering a state funeral for a political opponent earns respect from even the most ardent detractors. Where civility and decency are honoured and celebrated in our glowing hearts and in our discourse.

    So here’s what I suggest we do when Trump comes to Canada. We come from far and wide to Parliament Hill. No signs, No slogans. No shouting, Instead we form a giant human medicine wheel around the hill. We turn to the person next to us and say ” my friends love is better than anger- hope is better than fear- optimism is better than despair so let’s be loving hopeful and optimistic and we’ll change the world”. We’ll step around the circle and exchange those words with everyone we meet – over and over again, like a mantra, until he goes home.

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    monkey says:

    I accept he legitimately won the election, but I do not see the results as positive. The only good thing that might come in the long-run is maybe after seeing how destructive he is, people will never again elect someone like him, at least we can hope, but I am not too optimistic now. It’s too bad there isn’t someone else who can take over as superpower as I think America has lost its right to be a world leader. The problem is I am not sure China, Russia or whomever would be any better. Dark days ahead but we will make it through just as we did the depression and WWII, off course a lot of people were hurt by both so not much positive I can say of the result. The biggest puzzle though for me is how 42% of women, 29% of Latinos and 8% of Blacks could still vote for this guy after all he has said about them. And also I’ve wondered how come much of the rural Midwest was okay voting for a Black president twice, but then is now willing to vote for a racist. Makes little sense to me, but I guess when people are angry sometimes they don’t follow logic.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    “Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

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      Kevin says:

      Are aphorisms helpful? Who knows. But as long as we’re citing them, don’t forget:

      “Pharaoh’s army got drownded. Oh, Mary, don’t you weep.” (Traditional), and

      “Don’t mourn, organize!” (Joe Hill)

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Right around when I was being born, some of the United States erupted in protest of the Jim Crow laws, and segregationist policies in the Southern States. Millions of really downtrodden folks protested and prayed. After a wrenching decade, they finally achieved nascent civic rights. 50 years later, the Jim Crow is making a comeback, and the fight will need to be re-fought, perhaps a little more emphatically. I don’t even know what to make of the fact that Republicans are really celebrating stacking the Supreme court so as to ignore the constitution. legislate bigotry, etc. They do not like the constitution, but are afraid to change it I guess, so they will overturn impartial law instead. That is not entirely a new departure, but it is the one that deserves the most bitter condemnation. An arbitrary supreme court is terrifying in such a litigious and legalistic society. The end of the Republic. So yeah, the Historian in me says these are those interesting times Confucious cursed people with. If you cannot fight back, then what effing use were you when History was happening? History is replete with moments when everybody read the paper in shock instead of stopping the horror show in it’s tracks.

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      Peter says:

      Are you auditioning for a Hollywood comedy talk-show gig? You need to read this. If your reaction to losing the most winnable election in American history is to imagine that you and your friend, History, are still marching at Selma in the name of truth and light against a mob of sixty million cognitively-challenged ethical degenerates trying to reinstitute Jim Crow, then you are just preening and giving yourself compliments. There are already some liberal voices with the courage to start taking a hard, self-critical look at why so many voters they claim to champion rejected them, but too many are simply doubling down on their arrogance and finding yet more ways to boast about their moral and intellectual superiority over the “little people”.

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        Kevin says:

        The only person who’s used the expression “little people” is you.

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    Winston Higgs says:

    Just to be clear, never, in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down after being told to calm down.

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    Lukelele says:

    Fine credo, except the first part. The result is just the reality. To not accept it is to deny reality, much as Trump and his ilk are so comfortable doing. President Trump is the sad reality.

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    Brammer says:

    Making lemonade: I like this guys approach

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    Ron2 says:

    Democrat strategist James Carville stated: “It’s the economy, stupid!”. That’s what the Clinton campaign seemed to ignore preferring to concentrate on pc social issues, which resulted in a big election thud. Plain and simple.

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      Ron2 says:

      Later this evening I asked friends what they remembered about the Clinton attack campaign and I got two main memories: (1) Miss Universe Machado, and, (2) War hero Captain Khan. The others impressions were Trumps sexual escapades and racial comments. That was it.

      Trump hammered economic and controversial nationalistic issues and he won over the blue collar white vote mostly outside of big cities. Also the Afro-American vote dropped significantly, and it was mostly male blacks who did not show up to vote.

      By the numbers, in 2008 Obama won 70 million votes, in 2012 it dropped to 60 million votes and in 2016 down to 50 million, and it was mainly black males who didn’t bother to show up probably because they heard Trump’s economic message and didn’t care about Obama’s legacy.

      Once again the economy trumped character, and Trump had the economic message while Clinton was peddling sexual smear. It’s the economy every time because when money talks bullshit walks, and that’s all Hillary was peddling. Sad to say.

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      Matt says:

      She also, you know, ignored Wisconsin. Made no visit to the state during the campaign, and they spent very little money if any there. The campaign just assumed Wisconsin would vote for Hillary.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:


    I think I predicted this. And Bill somebody or other wanted proof.

    I expect there will be much more proof yet to come, too.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    As a democrat, it’s automatic for me to accept the result as a necessary precursor to maintaining an effective and constant opposition to the actual result. This may have been the result I expected but it certainly was not the one I desired. In truth, the people are always right — even when they are actually wrong.

    Those in opposition have a sacred duty to fight against, forestall and denounce that which has been self-evident as undemocratic and hateful conduct. For those who do not countenance so-called Trump values, the first day of the next election started last Wednesday morning.

    Fighting the good fight is more often than not more important than winning it. We must be true to ourselves and to the beliefs that we cherish. That’s why the struggle must continue.

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      Kevin says:

      Exactly right IMO.

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    PJH says:

    So is this kind of behaviour acceptable?………https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6MDq9y8xoc

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    Matt says:

    Couple things on the protests and protesters:

    1) https://youtu.be/1d9lm-T87AQ

    4 min 8 sec in:
    Hillary Supporter Needed (union square)
    Major European TV Network seeks opinionated Hillary Clinton supporter to be a protagonist in a news magazine report about an Anti Trump demonstration starting from Union Square at 6pm tonight (11/9). Demonstration will march to Trump Tower at 8pm and will rally there until 9pm. Must be between 21 and 40 years old. Please send contact details and photo

    They are putting out casting calls for protest participants.

    2) CNN had a reporter in the Atlanta protest tonight. He said he talked to “dozens of the marchers” and he could not a) find anyone who said the election was not a fair election, and the much more important b) Nobody he talked to ACTUALLY VOTED in the election.

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      Kevin says:

      Both outrageous, but you do have to consider the source. Just because something is published doesn’t mean it’s true.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    Finally… Someone on the left gets it. Every progressive needs to see this.


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      Al in Cranbrook says:

      That was magnificent! Absolutely nailed it!

      Of course, now the predominant theme among many on the left, stated directly, implied or otherwise, is: How could so many people be so stupid/ignorant/racist/regressive by not voting for us? Let us now show these fools the error of their ways by excoriating them at every turn, engaging in violent and destructive protests at every opportunity, and pretty much having a collective tantrum because…tragically…things didn’t go our way.

      And, of course, demanding an overhaul of the electoral system that will insure that only Liberals can ever again form government, which obviously it was meant to be in the natural order of the universe.

      …you know, like they’re trying to up in Canada?

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    billg says:

    I have faith in the Democratic system.
    I believe that in 4 years from now the millions of Muslims and Hispanics and African Americans and Women who voted for Donald J Trump will look at his record and decide if they want to put him back in the White House, and, if they do, I have faith that thousands of people will protest the election results, burn cars and smash windows and blame uneducated white people, Xenophobes, and Racists.
    Now everyone should just cal…….never mind.

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    ^^^ says:


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    mow mow says:

    People need to be adults. This was about the economy, and HRC was not the messenger for it.

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    dave constable says:

    Could be a fair amount of votes for Trump were just part of the general vote for Republicans. They did well in both Senate and Representative races, and did well at state level elections. The Republican Party as a whole seem sot have done well because of the support of its base: cut government waste and inefficiency, emphasize the individual and individual responsibility and opportunity, private entrepreneurship, …friends and acquaintances I talk to down there are telling me that is what they put in office.

    It’s probably the characters I choose to follow on twitter, but there seems to me relief in Lebanon and the Middle East, and In Russia, that Clinton did not win, because they saw Clinton as a continuation and intensifying of Obama’s wars in their regions. South China Morning Post and Hindustan Times seem okay with Trump, focusing on how the Asian economy will work with a Trump admin.

    I suppose, like a lot of us, the choice of cabinet will signal which way this (fairly) unpredictable president elect will go.

    To me, 2 main issues for us on the planet: climate and oceans degradation, and nuclear weapons. The Trump win leaves a guy in despair on the first, but (hopefully) dials us back a bit on the 2nd.

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    Ron says:

    It’s easier to hate. The rest takes work, but hate ? No effort required at all.

    The Great Inciter tapped into it and now he will have to live with it.

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    pipes says:

    Good credo. Makes mine seem insignificant.

    ” A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer” down Trump’s pants. ( Credit-Bozo the Clown and me ).

    Note to President Trump- Dear Sir if you are reading this, I am only kidding, on account of I’d like to go to Florida once and awhile.

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    P. Brenn says:

    we will have a financial implosion that will create more chaos around the world than climate change or Trump..all this protesting and property damage is of very little help …we should spend time looking after each other

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    pat says:

    Get em all riled up, and then send them home to stew.

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    pat says:

    I think the trade thing was the issue – said that a long time ago. Give folks an easy solution to a complicated problem and they’ll eat it up, and then let them down when the solution becomes a bigger problem – everybody wants easy solutions – and politics offers folks talking points for some pseudo-expertise, but when the product aint what you expected ….

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    redraven says:

    Way to go America.
    You just elected your very own version of Stephen Harper and it’s the best thing that could have happened to you. When middle America got screwed over by the bank and auto bailouts the city folk didn’t lift a finger to help with the fallout. Hey not in my backyard said the arrogant white urbanists who weren’t affected by the worst fraud in human history. Obama had eight years to claw the money back and pass it on as infrastructure to those who lost everything. Hillary was just more of the same in a dress.
    the folks in flyover land said fuck that we’ll elect the orange turd instead and now that the “American idiots and their redneck agenda” have moved your cheese you’re all protesty and pissed off.
    And remember.
    this was not an election. It was a tv show scripted to perfection by Ailes, Bannon and the ghost of Lee Atwater for all I know. The lead actor was brilliant and the show won the biggest Emmy of all and was renewed for four more years.
    well you’ve got four years to come up with a better show that people want to actually watch. Oh, if you need any help in handling the orange one give us a shout. we’ve had ten years of experience.
    from your neighbours in the great white north

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      The Doctor says:

      Yeah, all Harper ever talked about was how awful trade agreements like NAFTA are, and how he wanted to rip them all up.

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    pat says:

    Inflation, interest rates rising, scraping by to pay the mortgage one day, and then defaulting the next – and the millionaires are giddy watching their savings grow while sitting on their ass – the working folks can;t handle the interest, and that rich guy on the other side of town gets to retire – annuities pay well when the rates go through the roof.

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    pat says:

    The 80’s were great for folks who had it easy to begin with – but not that great for small businesses, small farmers, and people paying 20 percent on their mortgage –

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    pat says:

    and where the fuck does the tax base come from when you close the boarders – we aint having 13 kids a family like when my daddy was a boy – so how do you cope with a mushroom population with no immigration – give all the rich guys a tax break so they can stuff it away, and cut healthcare, and education sticking people in the ghetto for the rest of their life while those guys pal around in private school, getting jobs from their fraternity, and diluting the talent pool worse than it already is –

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    pat says:

    Bullshit always trickles down, but money never does.

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    John Thimble says:

    Okay here’s some things to consider regarding why Hillary lost, and for those who haven’t had a chance to watch:

    Wizard of Cause is a long running activist man of the left and also part of the skeptical community on youtube has several vids on this:

    The Politics of Creative Destruction : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyGSJHp-IjE
    Social Justice fails at Social Justice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP6jA1MZr8I
    American Referendum : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-WoTauj6Jw

    He’s also got several vids on the shift in left wing / Liberal politics that’s moved away from economic issues more towards empty headed language control and PC culture.

    I also think stuff like this getting leaked harmed her alot as well such as the Project Veritas vids (if the libs around here are smart please provide if you can various counter claims if you can):

    Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuJGHuIkzY
    Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDc8PVCvfKs
    Rigging the Election – Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUBrZItwVy4

    I’d also argue that silly vids that were literally put out for free by anonymous folks also did more damage to the Clinton campaign, than anything else that Trump spent the cash on.

    Deplorable Autumn Rainwater : Pepe calls out Hillary’s LIES about her serious health problems. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ0g0M8qnY8

    For instance that same channel played the Daisy ad idea you kept talking about but was able to apply it to Clinton:

    (NSFW as it does reference some actual war footage) Vote—Like your life depends on it. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH5LjOoUICE
    Even Mike Cernovich did the same Daisy ad schtick via social media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TveFYEeQBQE

    Even mainstream youtubers like Jenna Marbles where taking shots at Hillary and her campaign : Hello Young People, It’s Hillary Clinton Again : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llkIkLRF26M (2 million hits Warren, that’s a tactical error)
    P*ssy Grabbing Self Defense : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGUeuk–0kc (1.6 million views, that’s also a tactical error)

    Long story short Hillary died by 1000 cuts in the field of battle while trying to be the white knight but forgot that the one way one wins a war ain’t through the knights you have or the cavalry, it’s how many arrows the other side looses on you. And most of the archers showed up with their own armor, their arrows, and their own homemade longbows. So Trump never had to bring a single cent to get them riled up and firing. Think the battle of Crecy in 1346. And mark my words Warren, that’s how the Con’s up here, if they’re smart will mobilize to take out Trudeau or weaken him by the next election.

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