11.19.2016 10:56 AM

Donald Uber Alles: neo-Nazi rag returns

We’ve been getting many messages from very upset people, from Niagara to Whitby, telling us that the Your Ward News pro-Nazi filth is landing in their mailboxes again. 

We know the federal government and Judy Foote did their part. So, where is the provincial government? Municipal governments? NGOs, who are supposed to care, like CIJA? The police?

Nowhere. Meanwhile, the Trump Web of Hate spreads. 


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    Ron says:

    They love alliteration don’t they ? Five dollars ? Not even if they sold it in rolls.

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    Smash Fascism says:

    According to my Facebook, Google and Twitter research, Your Ward News’ hate propaganda was also delivered widely in Ottawa. And according to the Editor’s twitter account, which I will not link to here because of how vile it is, the newspaper is only half way through its deliveries, so don’t think that your community may have dodged this hateful bullet. Warren is right. ALL levels of government have to do more to stop these types of groups. The Nazi cancer is metastasizing across Canada, and it is only a matter of time before it reaches a critical mass and becomes unstoppable, like in the U.S.. I don’t have as much faith as Warren does that progressives will take back the narrative south of the border. The momentum is just too great. We should use that fact to sound the alarms here. Our Premier and the Mayors of both Toronto and Ottawa and any other city that has been polluted by this anti-Semitic, mysogynistic, homophobic filth, need to take a few minutes out of their day and speak up and publically admonish it. That would be a good start.

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    monkey says:

    Not sure the details but are those put into packages or just delivered in plain view. If delivered in plain view there is absolutely no reason this should be happening but if they are wrapping them in packages it might be problematic as I don’t believe Canada Post can open packages at will. My understanding is only the police if they have a warrant or the CBSA if it is going cross border are allowed to open them. That being said if knowingly doing this they need to stop and if they are being packaged, time to bring charges against Your Ward News. If people wish to pay and subscribe to this filth, that is their right, but it shouldn’t be freely distributed. Also perhaps someone needs to keep a tab of what companies are advertising it and a boycott campaign started against them. Any company who advertises in this filthy distribution should pay.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    The fact that MPP Arthur Potts sent a letter to Deepak Chopra on May 28, 2015, and the deliveries continued for a year (700,000+ copies delivered by Canada Post during this time) before Judy Foote put her foot down, is a complete outrage. This alone should be reason enough for Deepak Chopra to be turfed. I wonder what his rich neighbours think about his failure to act?


    If CUPW votes to turn down the contract on the table (0% raise in 2015, 1% raise in 2016) and decides to strike, he should be immediately turfed.


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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Sorry, that was http://www.CUPWvoteNo.com

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