11.07.2016 07:14 AM

The candidate we worked for is going to win!

Last day! HRC has more of a lead than President Obama did on this day in 2012! Here we go!
#POLLS 11/6 9PM

■ABC C+5

■NO C+5

■NBC: C+4

■MC C+3

■UPI C+3


■RE C+4

■CBS C+3

■FOX C+2

■GOO C+3

■SM C+7

■CNBC C+10

■PEW C+6

■SU C+9


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    Eric Weiss says:

    Hopefully the FBI coming out and sayimng there’s nothing to the new emails found on Weiner’s computer gets some traction with voters. HRC is back on top in NV and NC, but Nate Silver is still calling it to close for my taste.


    I may be a nervous Nelly, but this is the country that voted in GWB… Twice.

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    dave constable says:

    Stop the presses, stop.
    Take out that headline, “Comey a Dupe of Putin,” and replace it with “Comey a Distinguished Public Servant.”

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    Maps Onburt says:

    I’ve been wrong before (imagine that!) but I believe that it will be much closer than those select polls you have quoted. Let’s come back tomorrow and compare those poll results to the election. Those polls that are showing 9 points for Clinton are going to have some explaining to do. I do hope which ever way it goes, it is decisive because the last thing that country needs is further division.

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