11.19.2016 09:06 AM

Voters get the government they deserve

And, in the US, those who voted for Trump richly deserve the chaos and misery they are about to get. 

But the world doesn’t.


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    dave constable says:

    Looks bad…all the appointments so far look bad. When I saw the names I was very depressed to think they would be considered for anything.

    Since 1991 we have had a ‘hate target’ replacement of Muslims, especially Arab Muslims, for Communists. After 2001 that steady media repetition paid off, and it has ramped up considerably the past few years so that we don’t mind the extra judicial killings across 8 (or is it 9?) countries, the continued destruction of Iraq, the exacerbation of the civil war in Syria to produce millions of refugees, the crime we took part in against Libya.
    Beside attacking communities and families in those Muslim regions, we also knocked off elected governments in Honduras and Ukraine, and we have built up an attack force in East Europe to threaten Russia, missiles in Romania and Poland, and over 300 thousand NATO troops in the Baltic. We are also threatening China in the South China Sea.
    A zillion dollars is going in to the USA nuclear arsenal in the next few years, and the weapons export industries in North America are sure bets for a guy’s portfolio.
    That all would have continued and even gained speed with a Clinton administration, building on President Nobel Peace Prize winner’s legacy.

    So Trump’s nomination of guy’s who want to accelerate internal state controls of people, and external aggression, sure make a guy nervous. I’m maybe 200 kilometers from (possibly) the largest collection of nuclear weapons on the planet.

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    Ron says:

    What’s next ? Ted Nugent at ATF ?

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      Ron says:

      Mitt Romney, hypocrite, seeker and carpetbagger.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Au contraire. Someone sane and rational has to be in there to make sure Trump foreign policy doesn’t go off the deep end. But given his NSA pick, I seriously doubt that Romney will get the nod.

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    monkey says:

    Agreed. So that’s why when countries like Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Philippines elect Trump like characters, most are too concerned as they only hurt themselves. The same goes for Netherlands and Austria who might elect a Trump like leader while if France elects Marine Le Pen it will be bad for any EU member, but those outside the EU will be less effected. On the other hand we are all affected by Trump especially in Canada. My real hope though is the Democrats win most state legislatures in 2018 as I heard that the repeal of the voting rights act by the Courts and many voter suppression tactics by the GOP may have played a role in Trump’s win so if the Democrats can win back the state legislatures in key swing states, they can get rid of the voter ID laws and hopefully move to automatic voter registeration. In Oregon, they had record turnout due to this and Clinton won big there. In Wisconsin by contrast they had the worst turnout in over 20 years due to laws to restrict voting and that likely cost Clinton the state. In fact in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida, it’s likely change in voting laws cost Clinton those states and the White House. One Pennsylvania house member even boasted in 2012 voter ID would allow Romney to win the state which it did not then, but may have in 2016. It’s true Pennsylvania now has a Democrat governor, but the GOP still controls both houses thus no way for him to overturn the earlier laws, he can just veto any future more restrictive ones. And its important to win all levels at state not just governor’s mansion. In Ohio, John Kasich was very critical of gerrymandering but since the house and senate supported it nothing he could do although he was right when he stated gerrymandering leads to more extreme politics as candidates are more concerned about losing in a primary rather than general election thus have every reason to focus on both the hard right or hard left rather than more middle of the road policies.

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