11.09.2016 06:43 AM

Woke up. Was still real. 


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    Doris says:

    How about a comment from you about the Polling Industry? Not much of a record to sell to customers – Alberta, Brexit and now this – all fails. Perhaps its time to move to another line of work!

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    Lance says:

    Its morning again in America.

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    ABB says:

    The people have overwhelmingly spoken. Get used to it.

    Drain the swamp. Lock her up.

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      Ron says:

      What if there are ‘swamps’ that don’t want to be drained ?

      Drumpf still has his own legal ‘issues’, lawsuits and gropesuits and hairspray oh my !

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        Wayne says:

        Are you looking forword to high school?

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          Ron says:

          Never looked forward to high school, but I did learn to spell.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    Lets give him a chance. I’ve always said he can’t be as big a buffoon as he seems to be as he’d never be the successful businessman. His speech last night was not any of the things people associate with him. He was gracious to Hillary, his opponents in the RNC and to all Americans whether they voted for him or not. He made two very big commitments – to fix the Inner cities and to be the President for all Americans. We may well find that much of his antics were calculated to get him the free press that caused Hillary to run a two billion dollar campaign and him to spend a fraction of that. If you were paying attention, his antics miraculously disappeared in the last weeks of the campaign which I believe was calculated to bring home his Republican base (he got 90% of it so it ALL came home) and pick up the lion’s share of the Independents along with the rust belt Democrats his “wal”l and anti-Free trade policies were specifically designed to get from DAY one. He did everything he said he was going to.

    The polls aren’t completely clear yet but it appears that if they close with the remaining percentages they have now, he will have picked up 310 EVs to Hillary’s 228 – the exact opposite of what our host predicted. He’ll have won MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, IOWA, NORTH CAROLINA,ARIZONA along with New Hampshire leaving Hillary with a 1.2% lead in Minnesota as the sole remaining state in her blue firewall. Say what you want about Trump, but it looks like he was a genius to pick off the issues that changed those solidly blue states red – just like my favourite President did back in 1980 and 84. I called Ohio, NC and Pennsylvania a few weeks back just from comments of friends and colleagues that visited or live there. Hillary had very limited excitement and next to no GOTV (lawn signs). Hher rallies were very poorly attended in comparison and she thought (thanks to a compliant press) that she was sleepwalking to a victory. The ironic thing is that both of these candidates were exactly what the other side needed. The problem for Hillary was that she was so bad she couldn’t hang on to Obama’s wins and she just advertised formtrump that he was the real agent of change – which 72% of Americans have consistently said they wanted.

    All the name calling and denigration of his supporters just worked (as I said it would) to ensure they didn’t give her a second look. It’s interesting to note that Trump picked up a majority of colleges educated and non-college educated white males, came close on females (despite the “devilication” of him by the MSM and the DNC and he got moremBlack voters than any Republican in recent history with his fixing the inner cities pledges. He might be a Turkey but Hillary’s toast.

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      aggo says:

      …not to mention more hispanics voted for Trump than they did for Romney in 2012. Like many, I have a fair amount of uncertainty, fear and doubt about Trump as president, but I have to agree…let’s just chill out, have a Pepsi, give him a chance and see what happens. It’s a new day and markets are back up again. Screaming “War! Pestilence! Armaggedon!” over and over isn’t going to make anything better. Let’s face it, he earned his victory and beat ALL the odds.

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    Aongasha says:

    I confess I wouldn’t have voted for either of them. Thought Trump dangerous & Clintons corrupt from the get-go. Now all the progs can jump on me for that, but fortunately this is still a free country and the host here allows differning opinons thus far.
    Did enjoy though seeing the downfall of the biased MSM on both sides of the border. They got schooled big time! Thought they were a disgrace to the tradition of fairness & balance, but no surprise in that. If they are still wondering why the industry is failing, they might look to themselves. It’s a self-inflicted injury.

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    MF says:

    Democrats got what they deserved after the nomination shenanigans. Favoring a particular candidate came back to haunt them. Especially due to the lack of those who came forward to contest her.

    Looking forward to a good slate of candidates 4 years hence.

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    ottawacon says:

    As the dust settles, I am finding myself shocked that Michael Moore pretty much called this perfectly.

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      Warren says:

      He didn’t. He said Trump would win, then reversed himself a couple weeks ago. He’s full of shit.

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        ottawacon says:

        Didn’t see that, but did read his ‘Rust Belt Brexit’ piece in July, and at the time dismissed it out of hand.

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    dave constable says:

    Months ago, during the nominations races, one of the competitions polled was how individual GOP candidates would do against either of the Democrat candidates. Week after week, those polls showed that Most GOP candidates would tie or beat Clinton, and that Sanders would thump any of the GOP candidates.
    I could see the Democratic Party arranging their nomination process to favour Clinton, but I watched that video of what happened in Nevada, and that was so blatant that it had to feed into the theme of corruption. Still, I could not understand why the party continued to support its weaker candidate. I suggested to me the power of insiders in the party, and it strongly suggested that the party opted for the candidate who could bring in the big money donations.
    They took a chance, and it did not pay off.
    I hope our parties learn something from allowing party operatives (you reading this federal and BC NDP?)

    As well, I don’t think people paid enough attention to the polls showing, consistently, that 65% to 70% of Americans thought their country going in the wrong direction.

    Politically, it would be good to see a shake up of their electoral system that frees it a bit from the Big Two parties.

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    Mark says:

    Everyone will interpret this according to their own beliefs and ideas. I get that for some people it means a change, a repudiation of the elites, or a victory against corruption. What scares me is the people who think this means they now have a social license to treat anyone they feel uncomfortable with or don’t like as less than human.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    IMO, the Statue of Liberty graphic was just as valid before yesterday as it is today. Two embarrassing choices.

    Yup, my Mexican friend (who I previously referred to here) was correct that when Mexicans are referenced, not all Latinos should be grouped together. Case in point: Trump won 35% of the surging Latino vote in Florida.

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    Aongasha says:

    Noticed too that Leitch has jumped on the Trump train to a certain extent. Now we saw lots of Canadian anti-Trump diatribes the last few months from the Bubble Pundits – will they do the same to Leitch? And will they turn folks off as much by their attacks as their colleagues did in the US? Leitch is probably praying they do, as I doubt her potential supporters care much for the MSM anyway

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