11.04.2016 10:49 PM

Your nightly #USelection #USpoli Jeff numbers

#POLLS 11/4 8PM

■REU C+5

■NOL C+5

■MC C+5


■CBS C+3

■FOX C+2

■GOO C+3

■ABC: C+4

■SM C+7

■CNBC C+10

■PEW C+6

■SU C+9

■QU C+7

■BL C+9


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    CanadianKate says:

    What do you think about Trump’s final commercial?


    I know it is three days until voting day but it looks like he’s managed to keep his mouth basically shut for several days now, and might keep it up for 3 more days. Kelly-Anne & Melania seemed to have hidden his phone or at least suspended his twitter account and Clinton has gone negative.

    We both know popular vote means nothing. Assuming no more surprises, are you happy with the final messages being sent by each campaign?

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    dave constable says:

    This morning the web site for the South China Morning Post has a report on polls in several Asian countries measuring attitudes and preferred choices between Trump and Clinton.

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    dave constable says:

    Paddy Power has a few markets a guy can bet on regarding the election Tuesday. One book is voter turnout. <49.99% is 12/1 (bet 12, get back 12 +1), 50% to 53.99% is 9/2, 54% to 57.99% is 21/10, 58% to 61.99% is 23/10, 62% to 65.99% is 5/1,…

    A well laid wager would add edge to your Tuesday night viewing.

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    Steve T says:

    It seems the key in this election will be people who haven’t voted in years – perhaps decades. Trump has appealed to these people (for all the wrong reasons – but he still appeals to them), and this could be the wildcard.

    I suspect these same voters don’t answer opinion polls. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m somewhat worried there is a silent knuckle-dragging majority just waiting to emerge from their caves on November 8.

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    Sean McLaughlin says:

    My place of work is closed Tuesday and school’s out until Wednesday. Many of my coworkers seem to enjoy the competition and are looking forward election parties, but I can barely breathe. I feel like dropping a “I really respect you” note in the mailbox of my neighbour who took down their trump sign after Pussygate broke. Preferable outcomes to the inevitable would be a massive write in campaign that made Michelle Obama president or a last minute coup that put the Joint Chiefs in charge. I can only hope that there’s a parallel universes where John Kasich and Joe Biden are having polite conversations about the issues and everyone feels comfortable with the notion of either in the White House.

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    billg says:

    When its all over and HRC is President I hope someone very smart starts some kind of a journalistic expose on the price Mrs Clinton has had to pay to be Mrs Clinton.
    If a man ever stood by his wife thru all her lies, cheating and embarrassing behavior he’d be called a good man, a loyal man and a great husband and father.
    I’m as big a right wing conservative as they come and even I can see the double standard here.
    You can call Trump supporters anything you want, but, to me there are 3 main issue’s fueling his popularity.
    The first is, he’s not a Democrat, the second is, he’s represents a giant “fuck you” to the failing political establishment, and, third, his opponent was married to Bill Clinton.
    I think she’ll win big, I think she’ll go on to have 8 very good years, I think she’s a piece of tempered steel and the last 30 years has prepared her for her final act.
    And lastly, its ironic that so many Canadian progressives support HRC even though she’s steely eyed, cold hearted and lacks personal charisma and charm, hmm, now that sounds familiar.

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      doconnor says:

      I haven’t seen that much enthusiastic support for Clinton from Canadian progressives (except for that one guy). Mostly enthusiastic opposition to Trump.

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