12.14.2016 01:08 PM

Dear Trump voters 

Over the next four years – as you lose your health care, as your country’s environment is destroyed, as joblessness soars and the cost of everything rises, as your sons and daughters are being sent off to fight in wars declared by your president – know this: you deserve every bit of the misery and despair that you experience.

You did it to yourselves. 

Oh, and this:


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    Ron says:

    Trouble is, all of that shit will happen to everybody else too.

    But like I said before, Drumpf’s herd doesn’t give a shit.

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    BooyahBoy says:

    He will make us grate again …….. booyah

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    Kelly says:

    People need to get out in the streets and start burning things down like in the 1960s. That actually worked.

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      Lyndon Dunkley says:

      Some would call this incitement to violence. I however am jealous of your youthful exuberance and childish naivete.

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        Ron says:

        Trump has nothing to learn about incitement from anyone here … or elsewhere in the galaxy.

        His herd is expecting him to deliver, even though they have no idea what he is supposed to deliver.

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        Kelly says:

        Oh please. Kissinger said the one thing that scared Nixon during the Watergate crisis was the angry crowd outside the White House, ready to burn the place down. African Americans can vote and ride at the front of the bus because of big angry crowds. We have medicare because people got out and shouted down the Doctors in Saskatchewan.

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          Lyndon Dunkley says:

          You’ve convinced me without actually citing a single example of successfully “burning things down”.

          What are we burning down first and what are we hoping to achieve?

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      monkey says:

      That might just create a backlash as a lot of Trump supporters hate the left and this will just harden their resolve. Better to yes protest peacefully but also let them see what happens and then in 2020 those who didn’t support him can say see I told you so.

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      PJH says:

      Like the FLQ mail box bombs?…….Set the separatiste movement back years…….

      Or the Watts riots in LA?…..Destroyed a lot of businesses in Watts that provided services to the Black community….many of which were never to return…….

      Dr King achieved far more by encouraging his movement to be a strong resistance, but a peaceful one…..

      Im all for assembly and loud noisy protests……but the moment you start destroying property, public or private, you lose the moral high ground, imho…….

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    Valerie K. says:

    Don’t forget Sloth Nation – those 45% who couldn’t get off their bums to vote. Passivity has a nasty tendency to get folks dead. It must be said, again, the Clinton’s plan was just too radical e.g. “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders…” (Remarks to Banco Itau, Wikileaks).

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      Steve T says:

      Exactly. I have some sympathy for the U.S., having to deal with Herr Trump for 4 years, but those idiotic 45% bear a lot of the blame too. Seriously, why can’t people vote? It just blows my mind.

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    PJH says:

    I thought the man might redeem himself somewhat by surrounding himself with the best and brightest chosen from throughout the land……sadly when I hear of appointments like Perry and Tillerson, I realize that is not the case. I hope, for the sake of the American people, and indeed the world, that your prognostication doesn’t come true…..but based on the man’s choices for cabinet, our greatest fears may come to pass…….

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    In three critical states, the Devil the voters decided (your gal Hillary) was not preferable to the Devil (Trump) they did not know.

    The Devil they did not know out-campaigned the over-confident, arrogant Devil they did know in those three critical states. I.e. How many times during the election did the over-confident Devil step in those three states?

    Yes, judging by the President-Elect Devil’s actions since he won, the next four years may indeed bring the Apocalypse.

    I have been reading this fine website for over a decade. Ironically the thing that drew me in was a questionnaire which determined where one was headed after they died. I remember a decade later, that I was headed to one of the lower rungs of Purgatory, something that I hope is true, since I have not used the gifts I have received well enough.

    Anyways, I would hope that you would consider ceasing to attack mostly innocent folks who were forced to make a decision between two Devils.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      BTW, my analysis of your actions up until today, during the past 10 years, has you no longer in Hell.

      But what do I know and who cares about my assessment, for I am just MississaugaPeter, not St. Peter.

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    Lance says:

    If this hadn’t been addresssed to Trump voters specifically, it could just applied to Obama voters.

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      Wes W says:


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      doconnor says:

      Under Obama, many gained healthcare, environmental protection was strengthened, jobs increased once the Bush recession ended and the number of troops overseas was slashed.

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        Lance says:

        A lot of people who were told that they could keep their plan and keep their doctor lost their plan and lost their doctor or saw their premiums skyrocket. The EPA was run like a clown show. More people are out of the labor market and are on food stamps than ever before. And the number of troops slashed meant the Middle East burning and a refugee crisis.

        Like I said, it could have addressed to Obama.

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          doconnor says:

          A lot of people had cheap junk insurance that didn’t cover much, but those where ended by Obamacare.

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    Charlie says:

    And thats the bottomline.

    Donald Trump coalesced the most volatile collection of voters that he is sure to alienate many of them very quickly.

    He’s already shown failure to live up to his own campaign rhetoric when it comes to “draining the swamp” and giving it to the elite. He’s brought in the very same people that were closest associated with the Clintons in the minds of Trump supporters and has embedded them into his administration. Ironically, he’s abandoned most of his initial team members who hailed from the fringes of the Republican party in favour of the “Wall Street” types. He’s also retreated on his red-meat promises like immigration, health care repeal and the Muslim registry.

    Even people who didn’t support him could have passively gotten behind the “clean DC up” agenda if he had stuck to it. But evidently, its more about advancing his own interests in businesses across the world than delivering on any modicum of change.

    That is the crux of problem.

    He’s in constant conflict with his own words, his own party, his personal interests and his own persona. Putting ideological considerations aside, Trump is a recipe for disaster because unlike any politician with slight sense of political compassing, Trump can’t focus for the life of him.

    Ultimately, if you are a Trump supporter, regardless of what your opinions are, you’ve put your faith in the wrong man.

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    monkey says:

    On the health care part sadly a lot of those who do have health insurance and quite happy to Obamacare ended otherwise the I’m alright jack attitude seems a lot more prevalent south of the border. That being said if Trump is as bad as stated, I am hopeful that in midterms Democrats can retake both houses and state legislatures thus keep him on a tight leash and then in 2020 defeat him. Heck even some sensible GOP types might decide to quit the party when they realize he is going to bring them down with him.

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    Daryl gordon says:

    Wow. Shouldn’t everyone piling on Gord be busy hunting for the Russian hacker so the CIA can finally put some hard evidence to the inuendo. http://Www.craigmurray.org.uk/therussianbearusesakeyboard

    Imagine the nerve of a political leader calling a terrorist a terrorist or a criminal a criminal. What’s the politically correct term for people using a seven and eight year old as a suicide bomber as happened last week.

    In my opinion Trump’s cabinet picks have been just what we needed to finally put the brakes on the runaway train called Climate Change. Already seeing other politicians cautiously adding some sceptical opinion. Easier to make the case when considering unaffordable utilities, unreliable and expensive wind and solar installations. Plus massive fraud in cap and trade, the fallacy of revenue neutral carbon tax.

    Greenlighting infrastructure (including pipelines) after a reasonable regulatory process, what’s not to like.

    After seeing the rot in the Democratic party exposed by Wikileaks one would think people would be relieved to have a chance to start afresh. Confirmation of rampant collusion by most of the media, fake news that won’t stop,
    When is it enough to accept that the left lost the election deservedly so.

    Just to stir the pot even more, I proudly voted for Stephen Harper everytime. Collected hundreds of thousands personally just from the removal of the Canadian Wheat Board, still am.

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    Kevin Laddle says:

    The DRUMPFKINS don’t give a fuck. They’re cheering Vlad on like the loathsome traitors they are because it makes them feel like they’re sticking it to some villains fake news sites told them they’re supposed to hate.

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    Liam Young says:

    Wow. I continue to witness the demise of Canada’s centre and/or left right before my eyes!

    Now, before I get started, let me state for the record that I am not some alt-right wingnut crawling out of the woodwork to troll WK’s site. I love WK, but I feel that he and his followers are putting on blinders that will prevent their parties of choice from ever winning again.

    Short version of my rant below: stop blaming others for your own failures.

    Anyways (cracks knuckles), here goes: Pundits, polls and predictions continue to go wrong. But how so?

    For starters, despite WK’s title above, I don’t think the US election outcome had anything to do with Trump voters. Strange right? But hear me out. I think the result has more to do with the 50% THAT DIDN’T EVEN VOTE because they’re so disgusted with the two-party system and they just don’t care anymore. My guess is that they’re spending more time living as ‘preppers’ than anything else, but that’s what it is: a guess.

    But this isn’t a guess: the Democrats AND the Republicans are BOTH a trainwreck, but in the case of the recent election, it was the Republicans that happened to steer their knarled, crushed, burning carcass of disaster across the finish line before Hillary did. Don’t forget that both potential candidates (Trump and Sanders) were outsiders that surprised everyone and everyone ultimately supported. The fact that Hillary and her team shoved Sanders under the bus was the very fact that pushed 75% of America to turn their backs on her, the Democrats and her so-called cause. She IS a criminal, she is using political influence to gain funding and she IS going to face the music soon for the wrongs she has committed. Again, that’s not my right-wing conspiracy talking. That’s just fact.

    Let’s face it: the glass has dropped and American democracy is in shattered pieces on the floor. No one dares even step in the room for fear of cutting their feet.

    I predict the American experiment with democracy will fall apart, to a state much less than it is today. It won’t be tomorrow. It may not even be during Trump’s life as President, but it’s coming and it will spread everywhere in the Western world while pundits, pollsters and forecasters are staring at their navels.

    Canada HAD a glimmer of hope with Trudeau, Deux, but he has already come and gone, leaving Canadians feeling used, abused and frustrated. We won’t get the electoral reform we were promised in time for the next election, we ARE getting pipelines, we WILL get someone like Kellie Leitch calling the shots and we’ll STILL be wondering what the hell happened.

    So … enough of this shit. I’m starting the Pirate Party in Canada. Who’s with me?

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    Bill Templeman says:

    What do we make of this NYT op-ed? Why aren’t the Democrats fighting like hell to stop Trump?


    If the shoe was on the other foot, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Fox News would be foaming at the mouth & spitting up bile. Ezra Levant would be issuing Fatwas. Gord, what would you be doing? But the Democrats? Not with a bang but a whimper? Sad….Why so muted?

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      Lance says:

      LOL Scot(t) and that will be different from the status quo…………how?

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    Yvon Rocher says:

    And WK,

    Pontificating and jugemental lefty indignants deserve ever bit of the next 4 years of torment and existential angst. :p

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      The Doctor says:

      Yes, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Winding up those lefties you despise so much. Who gives a fuck about what’s best for the country or the people or any of that pointy-headed, Boy Scout-type stuff, right Yvon? As long as you can piss off those contemptible lefties. . .

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    other one says:

    Well, this is one way to convince them they’re wrong. Saying people deserve to lose medicare is very wrong.

    In all seriousness, this election was only partially about racism, etc. This was about globalization. 25 years in and the major corporations and global powers still have not made the case for it. I know the merits, does Joe in Halifax however?

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    other one says:

    *Joe in Ohio. Sorry

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