12.24.2016 10:51 AM

Highly-Scientific Poll™ about the moron who doesn’t believe in science


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    monkey says:

    Thankfully the founding fathers put lots of checks and balances in place for people like him. US may be slow to pass legislation but it at least is absolutely necessary when you have lunatics like Trump. Hopefully enough Republicans in congress block all his dumb ideas.

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    Charlie says:

    Who fucking knows what he means; the Trumps have been saying diametrically opposite things when in public versus when they’re in private. They keep telling people “oh, common now, you didn’t really think we meant all that, did you?” while Donald simultaneously keeps dropping vague statements in interviews suggesting sincerity.

    He’s a motherfucking weathervane. He says what his immediate audience wants to hear or just regurgitates what his vocal supporters say about him. He has no position on anything.

    But whether or not he means the things he saying, they are still being uttered by a man whose words will be interpreted as policy and that in itself is significant. Who knows if he actually gives a shit about abortion, but you know who does? Pence and his other “gee-golly” social-conservative cohorts. Muslim registry ban? A lot of Republican congressmen like the sound of that.

    The problem with this Trump presidency isn’t that he occupies the highest office in the land, its that the check-and-balance of congress will be utterly absent as very few Republicans will stand against an administration that will be run by the usual GOP swamp-dwellers.

    Nuclear armament comments are less about the US than they are about Russia, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and India. Even if Trump doesn’t mean what he’s saying, the consequences are out of American control.

    Its a volatile, unsustainable situation, and if history is any indication, kings who are seen as a threat their own kingdom are usually shanked by their own allies.

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      smelter rat says:

      Let’s hope for the latter , in that case.

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        Charlie says:

        Just to be clear, by allies, I meant those within his administration and the remaining Republicans.

        So in this case, if Trump is shanked — we end up with Pence and Co.

        Not totally sure thats all that better than Trump, because I can’t fathom the level of Machiavellian calculation Pence has put into standing with Trump (a guy with whom he shares zero philosophical ground) if his intention was just to gain power from within.

        I know Trump is a nightmare, but Pence is a nightmare with a checklist.

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      Nostra-Domus says:

      Trump is the smartest, sneakiest, conniving weasel ever. He conned the Americans into voting for him and now he intends to change the social and economic order of the US, and possibly Canada too. So don’t underrate him because he didn’t become a real estate billionaire by playing video games. We must coexist with evil like Putin and China Inc. Trump wants to make the USA his ‘real estate’ property management country deal, and it looks like it will happen. Goodbye Canada; we’re just roadkill and Trump will mop us up and squeeze us into a Greater USA. Just watch.

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    Kevin Laddle says:

    Fuckface Von Clownstick believes in whatever will provide the most inflation to his already bulging ego. And given that his followers are a bunch of angry, white trash racists clamouring for war, bigotry and mysogny, you can bet your bottom dollar Drumpf is going to do every one of those things.

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      André says:

      What will you say if there is a Trudeau-Trump Accord that will unite English speaking North America because if Trump slaps a 30% duty of Canadian imports it’s lights out for Canada as a viable country. Our survival will mean joining the USA to avoid a catastrophe as our manufacturers head South.

      On the positive side, if Canada is merged into the USA just think of all those additional Democratic Party voters voting out Trump, Or not?

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    Nostra-Domus says:

    Trump admires and respects Putin, just as he admires Kim Jong Il; both dictatorial oligarchs. Putin may well be the richest man in the world raping the Russian economy and people. Now Trump wants to make a ‘deal’ with Putin!

    Think of it. Russia and China are both controlled by filthy rich oligarchs, so why not the USA to compete in the global economy? Trump wants to become the richest man in the history of mankind and the greatest American in history.

    As for Canada, we are the US ‘Ukraine’ and it’s possible that Trump will force a ‘deal’ with the Trudeau Liberals to merge into the US to protect us from Trump’s 30% import tax, otherwise we will get squeezed out of existence and become a US walkover.

    Trump’s greatest achievement may be the creation and ‘father’ of a new “Unite North America” (excluding Mexico)— goodbye Canada!

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      André says:

      Interesting, because Trump wants KeystoneXL for Canada’s oilsands crude, and he supports the F-18 Super Hornet as does Trudeau. Both are singing off the same page, and Justin even chimes in that he is willing to open NAFTA to renegotiation. Sounds like a political bromance is brewing between Trudeau and Trump. If the US swallows up Canada does that mean there will be an independent French-only country called Quebec in the midst of continental USA and led by a President Justin Trudeau? The possibilities are lusciously captivating.

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        Doktor Froyd says:

        Never look into the future; just let it happen and if rape is inevitable just try to survive it.

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    Bill Templeman says:

    With Trump’s inauguration, the water shortage plaguing much of the US southwest will be over. Canada has a lot of water. Trump will take it. Other administrations would have bargained for access to that water. Trump will make us an offer we won’t be able to refuse. No negotiation. Pipe us your water or else.

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