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    Brent Sienna says:

    I don’t think it drives Trump’s supporters as wild as it does Clinton’s. Their guy got the big prize, they have the Senate…. and the House…. plus their side is naming the next Supreme Court Justice, and depending on what happens during the next four years perhaps another Justice or two.

    It matters not by how “bigly” or “hugely” Trump won the Electoral College votes simply that he did win them.

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    Lance says:

    Once he is sworn in at his Inauguration and is celebrating his victory at the many Inauguration Balls, the ones that somehow work up the bile to care will stop giving a shit.

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    billg says:

    I would think Trump supporters thrive on that.
    They thrive on every critical editorial opinion piece and every CNN news release, they don’t care, they didn’t care during the election.
    Someone is finally fighting for them and giving them hope.
    The last thing anyone should do is predict how Trump will do, predictions on DJT don’t seem to work that well.

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    BillBC says:

    Does it? Perhaps. But it seems to drive her supporters even crazier. “If only we’d campaigned according to the system laid down in the Constitution…”

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    Daryl gordon says:

    It makes the victory even sweeter. NY and California don’t run the country like they think they are entitled to.

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      doconnor says:

      Those entitled New Yorkers and Californians. Expecting their votes to carry the same weight as everyone else’s.

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    Kelly says:

    Michael Moore is suggesting Trump won’t actually become President, that the Electoral College will reject him, especially is something “comes” up in the next little while. Which it very likely could. I actually think there is a growing likelihood that might actually happen.

    Now THAT is something I would love to see.

    The fact is Trump’s win isn’t really legitimate in a moral sense. He lost the election by the biggest margin in a long long time. The public has license to openly defy him, take to the streets and raise hell. And they will.

    The reality is that most people don’t want Trump as President. Full stop. The people did not rise up lime the press is claiming. They voted massively, overwhelmingly for Clinton.

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    Charlie says:

    It bothers the shit out of Trump, but I don’t know if many of his supporters have the mental capacity to understand what this actually means.

    These are people that are wholly convinced that hordes of illegal immigrants voted in California and that voter fraud was rampant in states where Clinton won the most votes. They’ll find any and every excuse possible to maintain their parallel reality.

    Or, for those who at least acknowledge that the Donald Trump lost the popular vote; its a victory. They see this as the re-assertion of their small (ironically called “silent majority”) contingent of under-educated, white voters over the more diverse, urban-based progressive voters. Its the notion that for 8 years they suffered under Obama’s administration, this is the redemption they had been seeking. They know they’re views are in the minority, but like petulant children, they believe they are entitled to relevance.

    Either way, its over. The popular vote could come in at 6 million more than Trump in favour of Clinton, but it won’t change the reality America is in. It does severely undermine Trump’s legitimacy, but he and his cabal of buffoons now occupy the highest office in the land. I think America has more to be concerned about the people surrounding Trump than Trump himself.

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      Ron says:

      They will, as always, get the government they deserve.

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        Charlie says:

        Very true.

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      dave constable says:

      During their primaries, I thought there would be people in both main parties rethinking the ways they do their primaries and caucuses.

      The wider the gulf between the popular vote and the electoral college result, the more there could be people down there looking at ways to improve their final election process.

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        Charlie says:

        But that’s kinda the problem: the only time people start thinking about improving the process is while they’re in the midst of the primaries and caucuses. Nothing meaningful in fixing the system takes place between elections.

        I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to ditch the EC just because its a constitutional matter, but both party’s can definitely do something about how they nominate a candidate.

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