01.23.2017 09:32 PM

A nation mirrored on one woman’s face

Was talking today to a banker friend who told me I had to see this. “You have to see what she does when he turns away,” she said. “She knows what he is really like. And she got away from him as soon as the inauguration was over.”

And she did.


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    smelter rat says:

    Stockholm Syndrome.

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      Elsie Marley says:

      It’s a very chilling clip.

      Alternate facts ……. alternate universe.

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    Daryl Gordon says:

    No just more cherry picked fake news. Meanwhile on his way out the door, Obama gives $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. Must be short on scud missiles.

    Trump derangement syndrome: Madonna speech discussed blowing up Whitehouse, SNL writer attacking 10 year old son, Chelsea Handler staying first lady can’t speak English, various incidents of violent acts in “peace” March, exclusion of Pro Life women’s groups and on and on.

    Elections over, should have showed up to vote in swing states.

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      Bill Templeman says:

      Agreed, and I am part of the Resist Trump camp. The acts of aggression on Trump’s supporters and his family, including the punch on Richard Spencer, are wrong because, among other reasons, they exacerbate the divisiveness of the election campaign. There have always been several Americas, not one united country. But now these different Americas hate each other. So you are right to call these acts of hatred out. But I fear that it is too late to seek redress. Trump has his pedal to the metal on revenge. If this divisiveness continues to fester, there will be bloodshed. By the gods above, hope I am really wrong.

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      Scotian says:

      Election over, FBI Director should not have announced anything about Clinton 11 days out, or at the minimum paired it with the ongoing RUSSIA-Trump relationships investigation (for which they had a FISA warrant , which is more than they EVER had against HRC, at that time I might add) which are clearly worrying the national security establishment of not just America but the entire western allied structure. It was James Comey who changed the Clinton landslide into the narrow Trump tiny fingered win in three States to give him the EC win while massively losing the popular vo0te, not a common scenario in that system.

      This was a corrupted election from without and within. Worse, given the apparent pressures from within the FBI NY Office from former Guilliani associates from his DA days to trash Clinton any way they could, including leaks if Comey didn’t act, while leaking info claiming there was no such investigation into Trump to NYT despite its reality and the questions around other senior Trump campaign/staff people, let alone the Trump family itself, and you have the very real scenario for this being a coordinated hitjob.

      Trump was losing, BADLY, after the three debates, he lost all three of them clearly and decisively. He had the Access Hollywood video around his neck since just before the second debate, and could not deal with it. Without Comey and the emails bogusness when it happened, Trump loses, pure and simple. This can actually be shown by polling and other metrics from the time. The polls had tightened a little, but that was basically dropping out of a slight double digit lead into the high single digits. So long as overall pop vote win is over 5%, it is not seen how the EC could not be won either.

      So being told one side is under criminal investigation again, thanks to investigating a known perverts computer, versus a sexual predator who supposedly is not under criminal investigation for links to Russia actively trying to tilt the election in his favour, 11 days out from election day well you get what we saw.

      Sure, people should have shown up in swing states, but even more so, electors should have been told the truth about each candidate by the FBI, namely that Clinton had no criminal investigation at all, whereas Trump did for links to Russia. Then I suspect those 11 days would have played out very differently, as would have no comment on either by Comey or the FBI.

      When you fail to account for such obvious large black swan events and try to treat this like any other election, you not only insult the intelligence of everyone reading you, you show yourself to be little to no better than that which currently now is renting the WH when it comes to honesty and knowing the difference between real facts and good/Trump/Alternative facts, as KellyAnn Conway, senior Advisor to the president tried to argue were valid.

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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Well, she got all the trappings of wealth, which one can presume had something to do with her attraction to Donald Trump. I have zero sympathy. She can leave any time, and she hasn’t done so. She wears the name, fills her bank account, so a lifetime of service is what she willingly entered into. Now if she opened her mouth even once, to say something that I could admire, then perhaps I would admire and feel sympathy. But she has a stage anytime she wants to open her mouth, and has not seen fit to use it.

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