01.08.2017 08:44 PM

Canadain values 


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Before you can screen for Canadian values, don’t they first have to be determined by Canadians – – assuming our fellow citizens actually felt that the whole process was legitimate? A big stretch, one might say.

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      Richard says:

      Oh don’t worry, I’m sure Ms. (she hates that) Leitch and her cohorts have already decided who is and is not a good Canadian, and are establishing values accordingly. Hint: it involves cultural practice tip lines.

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    harvey bushell says:

    Hey, I signed up!


    And yes, mailinator.com is an actual throwaway email service that’s used mainly by spammers and is usually
    blacklisted because of that but it worked at that screeningvorvalues site. Ima Racist also signed up.

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    Tim Sullivan says:

    Rimes with “disdain”.

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    Kevin says:

    Bad spelling huh? I guess she’s trying to prove she’s neither Liberal nor gay…

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    Ridiculosity says:

    A Canadian Prime Minister should also not plagiarize. In an email to supporters on Saturday, Leitch pledged to be “a leader who will drain the (Rideau) Canal of the influence paddlers and lobbyists.” echoing Trump’s oft repeated campaign rhetoric to “drain the swamp in Washington.” What’s next for the trite, unimaginative Leitch, ranting about the ‘bad hombres’ at her local Taco Bell or tweeting accusations that Trudeau has misplaced his birth certificate?

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Leitch doesn’t have a clue what are Canadian values and it seems many of her values would probably be at it odds with what most Canadians think. Off course we want immigrants to assimilate over time and the overwhelming majority do, but it takes time and by and large Canada has been a success story with its immigration policy. Her idea is not only unworkable, unconstitutional, and unCanadian, its a bad policy that has helped bigots come out of the wood work. Hopefully she gets crushed in the Conservative leadership race as we don’t need such policy. Whether conservative, liberal, or dipper, debates should be primarily on economic policy and whether one favours a more activist government (dippers), mixed (liberals), or less interventionist (tories) and forget about this whole values thing which is not the top of mind issue for most Canadians. If she does win the leadership, I hope she loses badly in 2019 and I say this as a small c conservative.

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    pat says:

    More bullshit to motivate bigots. I’ve had the displeasure of spending time with the kind of idiots who gravitate towards a fellow idiot like Leitch – This is typical.

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    pat says:

    And, from experience I know what her strategy is – the chord she’s trying to strike – completely irresponsible. They’re all envisioning a bunch of white men interviewing dark-skinned people for partial citizenship because the assholes who fall for stuff like this will never accept somebody of another culture, or place as being as Canadian as they are. If she wants to screen somebody for Canadian values she should take a look in the mirror and ask herself why she’s tapping into underlying racism instead of being a leader and standing up to the kind of garbage that legitimizes nonsense like this. Nice cartoon would be a panel of brand new Canadians interviewing Leitch asking her “are you a bigot? we’re screening for Canadian values and bigotry is unacceptable”

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