01.12.2017 06:29 PM

Donald Uber Alles: French neo-Nazi visits Trump Tower

There you go. National Front leader Marine Le Pen in Trump Tower, sitting next to “Citizens for Trump” founder George Lombardi. 

And they insist she didn’t meet with Trump or any of his people. 

Welcome to the new Reich, folks. If you think this isn’t really happening, still, you need to get your head out of your ass. 


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    Kevin Laddle says:

    His conference last night was a damn disgrace; call a journalist “terrible” and bar him from speaking. Drumpf is a vile thug.

    The big question is: what now?

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    Kelly says:

    Trump’s a copycat. Our lousy former Conservative government used to ban journalists all the time. Used to throw young Liberals out of Conservative rallies, too. Oh yeah . . . and he used to send brushcutted young thought police along with government scientists when they went to conferences, just like the soviet handlers who used to follow Tretiak around Montreal. Then they just banned the scientists from going to conferences at all — even if they paid their own way.

    The only good thing to come out of the Trump win is it is exposing the raw evil and hypocrisy that permeates thev US deep state and maybe the people with eventually say f#(+ it…time to burn it all down.

    Might be time to buy a few tons of cup a soup and a crossbow and head for the bush.

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    BillBC says:

    I think Trump is awful. I thought for a while he might become more “presidential,” but this apparently is not going to happen.

    However, I think that your constant comparison of him with Hitler, using words such as “fascist,” “Reich,” “Heil,” and so on, is unhelpful, and makes you look somewhat unserious, not to say hysterical. I think Hitler should be left to rot in the past. Trump is a modern contemporary villain.

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