01.08.2017 10:23 AM

It’s bizarre, watching the end of the American empire


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    john kerr says:

    I haven’t watched CNN at all since 3:00 am Nov 9th.
    Haven’t given up on NYT as yet.

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      P. Brenn says:

      me either…

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Some in the media hate his guts — others at best, have nothing but contempt for Trump. But the game is all about access which Trump has successfully manipulated up until now.

    So watch them turn into the prevailing wind, at least until the Trump White House inevitably blows up over Trump’s business ties to Russia. Trump says he doesn’t care about his business going forward but that’s not the impression that he is giving post-election.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    Conrad Black says that his friend, Trump, will be a good president.
    So we can all relax. No?

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Just read Black’s piece. For a guy who has been remarkably prescient, Black fails to factor in the temporary lack of a spine among Congressional Republicans. They’ve just caved in — rightly so, on ethics. But that’s not a template. Trump needs to be a success, faster than Reagan managed to be. Otherwise, open revolt among many Representatives and Senators will be the order of the day. It’s really all about saving one’s own political ass. That, Mr. Black, is the only sure-fired constant in American politics.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    I haven’t watched CNN because I can’t stomach incessant complaining, whining, and bitching.

    In a similar vein, however, I recall that Brexit would pretty much cause the UK to do an Atlantis and sink beneath the waves…at least if one were to listen to all the “experts”, eh?


    Oh, damn! Wrong again!

    …and again, and again, and so on and so forth.

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      smelter rat says:

      Brexit hasn’t happened yet, and may never.

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        Alex says:


        All indications show that the U.K. government is confused about how to proceed with Brexit (if it does proceed), and that the EU is preparing to make an example of the Brits by taking a hardline negotiating stance. I know it’s politically correct to bash “experts”, but any objective person who is not an ideologue can see that the UK faces some dark times ahead.

        As for the U.S., there is a reason why some of Trump’s harshest critics in the U.S. are conservatives (see Rick Wilson, John Schindler, David Frum, Jennifer Rubin, etc.). They all understand that this is not a left-right thing, but rather the potential unraveling of a superpower.

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      Tim Sullivan says:

      That’s some awesome analysis, Al in Cranbrook. What a great contribution you continue to make to the lowly political neophytes we are. The Brixit vote (plebiscite really) without implementation (has notice been served?) and the UK has not sunk into the Atlantic yet.

      By that analysis, no doubt the excellent jobs report released last month proves all the naysayers about Trump equally incorrect. The US has not sunk into the abyss either, after that November (but not yet implemented) vote for president.

      Someone should really pay you lots and lots and lots and lots of money for your clear insights and unassailable logic. You’d be rich rich rich.

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    sean cummings says:

    Every great civilization throughout history reaches its apex and the crumbles into dust beneath the weight of its internal rot. The USA is just the latest.

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      dave constable says:

      The USA as a major power reaching for world hegemony will be around for quite a while yet. Economy is unbalanced, but the wealthy are very wealthy, and powerful. Their corporations are pulling in bucks from around the planet, and controlling most other economic activity. More cops, intelligence agencies and military presence than you can shake a stick at! 100’s of military bases around the planet, war planes, war ships and satellite spying have everything covered. Main thing is that most their population believes them exceptional, and a benign presence internationally. Their allies are firmly onside.
      Plus, they have a lot of successful experience in controlling their proxies everywhere.
      They ‘ll be okay for a while.

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    Kelly says:

    US will continue along fine until the world decides it doesn’t need US dollars to buy oil anymore. Then they will have severe difficulties. China is a ways behind militarily, still but strong enough that the USA wouldn’t be able to “win” . China doesn’t need to match US fleets, as they have opted for supersized missile stockpiles. Including lots of carrier killers. We really haven’t seen the US take on an enemy equipped with state of the art Hardware in over 50 years so they haven’t really been tested. It’s also a big reason they haven’t fully engaged in Syria and Ukraine as they’re air superiority would be questioned. They haven’t really won anything in Iraq or Afghanistan. They lost Vietnam.

    Although the US government is corrupt, there is a fundamental goodness in the country’s constitution and its people are optimistic by nature. I believe the citizens have the power to take back their country should push come to shove.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It’s simply a question of when the big bang is coming. You can’t increase defence spending and social programs while at the same time making large, lopsided tax cuts.

    Them chickens will come home to roost.

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