01.17.2017 03:13 PM

The Penny drops

Here’s three links. Draw your own conclusions. 

You know, some people should acquaint themselves with this Internet thing. It never forgets. 


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    Tim White says:

    Helicopters and golden showers.

    I’m not sure what the fuck the press is all about these days. Perhaps I’m pining for a golden age of reporting that never actually existed, or getting old and grumpy.

    But it seems to me that the fourth estate’s attentions could be focused on more important issues.

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      Kevin says:

      Yes. But it does underline just how truly mundane we Canadians really are. Our neighbours to the south have pissing prostitutes, we have flip-flops and a sombrero.

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    Darren H says:

    Why is it called “Hindsight”? Because only assholes feel the need to point out the obvious lesson learned.

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    Tim Sullivan says:

    So Penny Collenette was in the PMO for a small part of the time and the early days of the sponsorship fiasco. She was responsible for appointments. She is now a commentator on public affairs and I believe has a position to teach at the U of Ottawa.

    She’s pointing out that mistakes happen and they are sometimes avoidable.

    I worked on the Hill in the early days of the Chretien government. I called that mess that was at Public Works under the Hon. Alfonso Gagliano and the Hon. David Dingwall. My greatest disappointment at that time in Mr. Chretien’s administration was his appointments of these men to that position.

    For the record, it is my view that the sponsorship program was necessary. Mulroney had had “Canada” removed from mail boxes. The program was to show the flag and give Quebecers some Canadian flavour, a sense they belong to the greater whole that is Canada. Chretien was right in all his testimony and all his words that it was a good program run by crooks.

    The point missed at the time was that the crooks were identifiable, maybe not by name, but with the opportunity available to them with the terrible administration of the program.

    Penny Collenette was advising the PM on appointments to the agencies, boards and commissions that are the ABCs of politics. Remind me who was also advising the PM at the time …

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      Warren says:

      Not me. I was in the private sector. Also, don’t be a jerk.

      She threw the first punch.

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