01.18.2017 10:11 PM

Tonight at the Mosaic Institute

Execellent Toronto Star report here. 

By the by, Blood and Honour is a decades-old neo-Nazi group in Britain. Combat 18 is a skinhead group whose members have committed multiple murders. The “18” refers to the first and eighth letters, A and H – Adolf Hitler.

Their posters have been put up all over Calgary.

Welcome to the Trump times. 

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    Bill Malcolm says:

    Well done exposing them. Met a few skinheads during my years in London. One dropped a great big dagger on a Tube elevator at Russell Square. Nobody claimed it, but 20 people knew who it belonged to, the lone Skin, and we kicked it over to the door edge where it fell through the crack to the platform into the pit. Scary.

    And I bet Kenney hasn’t got around to condemning them. Unite the Right. Alberta is full of strange people with crackpot theories, some very nasty. And then you visit, and find the great majority of folks seem quite normal, just regular Canadians. Where the armpit scratchers congregate is a mystery. Must be in the hinterlands or behind the pubs after hours.

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