01.09.2017 10:51 AM

Toronto-Danforth Liberals are very, very unhappy

Perhaps someone else would’ve been better, eh? From Abbas in today’s Hill Times:

Several members of the federal Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association executive are threatening to resign or won’t seek another term because of how they’re being treated by rookie Grit MP Julie Dabrusin’s office staff, Liberal sources told The Hill Times.

“The president of the riding association [Lianne Doucet], who we have a deep admiration for, was put in a position where she thought she had to resign. She was not treated very well [by] Julie’s staff,” one Toronto-Danforth Liberal riding association source told The Hill Times last week. “A lot of us are very upset by it. We’ve had a couple of very heated riding association meetings and we felt our president should have been defended [by Ms. Dabrusin] vigorously, and she was not at all. We don’t feel we’re all going in the same direction.”

Ms. Dabrusin, who was first elected in the last federal election by a narrow margin of 2.17 per cent of the vote over NDP incumbent Craig Scott, declined an interview request from The Hill Times.

“The first meeting after Julie became an MP, we were told by one of her people that the riding association was now considered pretty insignificant and the only job we had was to get her re-elected in four years,” said the source. “We feel our job is much more than that.”

The Toronto-Danforth Liberal EDA’s next annual general meeting will take place on Feb. 5 and seven to eight members of the executive will either resign before that or will not stand for another term at the meeting, Liberal sources told The Hill Times, who did not want to be identified.

I’ve met with the Toronto-Danforth executive folks, and chatted with plenty of them over the holidays, too. They’re good folks who don’t deserve to be treated like they’re supplicants by a tourist in the Liberal Party.

The good news is that salvation is at hand, perhaps.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In my previous political incarnation au fédéral, the riding president and yours truly tried to give our MP the heave-ho, but he complained at a caucus retreat to the Quebec lieuitenant and that was the end of the matter (until he lost his seat in the next election).

    Different party — but same scenario ahead?

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    rainclouds says:

    Was responsible for telecom after federal elections, we had 48 hours to get defined services in place and working. Typically there would be a few newly ELECTED who were afflicted with the god complex. Special requests. trying to hire their family to provide something else. not providing timely access. Rude condescending attitude Ect.

    Unbeknownst to them we had a higher god in the PMO. One email and the newly elected were read the riot act. Problem Solved. The higher up the food chain the less problematic………..No doubt the nail will be hammered down in due course

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    Dork in East York says:

    Even during the Layton years, the Toronto Danforth Libs always had a robust machinery with a lot of high profile members and quarreling egos, including some bitter nomination battles. I’m not surprised to see more clashing.

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