01.16.2017 09:52 PM

Unpresident unpoll 


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Trump isn’t a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a cold, calculating, opportunist. Republicans will not defer to him because he does not share their agenda. The shit will inevitably hit the fan. Then Trump’s people will either save him or crucify him. Without a massive influx of private sector jobs, he’s toast.

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    daveconstable says:

    Could be that what is happening at the World Economic Forum is pretty important, too. Xi Jinping is there, and I bet the term ‘one Road One Belt’ comes up from time to time. I am not a Liberal fan, but I like that they broke with USA and asked to join some 70 other countries as members of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. An aim of the AIIB is to finance the OROB initiative. Imagine, a trade, commerce and cultural matrix of links pulling together all Asia and reaching into Europe and Africa.

    Two of our choices are to do business with those people, or ramp up resistance so that OROB doesn’t happen.

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      Kelly says:

      OROB is a big deal and the USA hates it. Look at this map to see why https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Belt,_One_Road
      Basically if this plan comes to fruition, China will be the boss of the world.

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        daveconstable says:

        I worry about the characters in Washington who want to use force to make sure this OROB doesn’t get much further. To me, it seems to be a large part of the panic in Washington and the Pentagon to smash Russia and China. The propaganda campaign keeps getting more and more bizarre, more blatant.
        …and we have a main media that repeats the propaganda, features the war monger spokespersons.

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