01.12.2017 09:36 AM

We hold the powerful to account! Also, Bob Woodward wants to know where did you get those stylish Jimmy Choo pumps?


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    Charlie says:

    The media utterly fucking incompetent.

    If there’s any good from Trump’s existence it’s that it’s proven how stupidly inattentive the media is.

    The same is going on in Canada right now with this stupid Trudeau vacation shit. The CBC and media has manufactured a controversy (one that Opposition parties themselves were reluctant to pick up on given its complete lack of basis) and then attributed their created narrative to “critics”.

    The media have either two modes: breaking news and fluff prices.

    Instead of digging into yesterday’s Trump conference and the lack of information provided, the media focused on the “testy exchange” between Trump and a reporter.

    Or the amount airtime they gave that idiot Jane Fonda and her useless trip to Alberta to lecture Canadians.

    This is why people like Trump win. Professionalism in media is evaporating while click baiting via grabby headlines becomes more prevalent.

    We all lose when the media behaves like a fucking an ADHD afflicted child.

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      Kevin says:

      Jane Fonda is far from stupid. And her trip wasn’t useless – it sure got you riled up.

      But you’re right on about stupid vacation shit. I was just watching Rosemary Barton’s show and there was a talking head on there whining about how the story just goes on and on because it hasn’t been adequately addressed. So to me, the guy is saying he does a story about something totally irrelevant and none of his goddam business in the first place, drags it out endlessly, and it’s all someone else’s fault.

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        Charlie says:

        I just finished watching PnP as well and nearly vomitted at how self-absorbed the journalists/panelists were.

        Trudeau conducted 2 town halls today; Phoenix pay system, disabilities, small businesses and indigenous issues were the only things these Canadian attendees brought up. The only people dragging this fucking story along is the CBC who is trying desperately to put traction on their own sensationalized story. It has absolutely no resonance outside the Ottawa bubble and the insistence on continued coverage, and disingenuously implying that it is top-of-mind for Canadians is insulting.

        As for Jane Fonda, I’m sorry — which field of sciences does Fonda draw her expertise from? Or is she an MBA with the appropriate knowledge to be making economic policy proclamations?

        You know who does think her trip was useless? Those Canadians who work indirectly or directly in the energy sector, have been laid off due to economic down turn, Albertans who constantly have to hear millionaires dictate to them how they should earn an income.

        No — Jane Fonda is very much useless and so is her pontification. She has no business coming to Canada and lecturing Canadians on how to conduct ourselves. She should remain in the confines of Hollywood where she lives far removed from the realities of working class citizens.

        If there’s one lesson to be learned from Trump’s success its that people don’t need to be talked down to by celebrities.

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        Kevin says:

        Speaking of moronic, how’s about your logic? So she’s rich enough to have 6.5 bathrooms? Jealousy aside, you think that means she has no right to an opinion? How many bathrooms do you have? I’m guessing not so many – you must be a Renaissance man or something. And I live down the street from Citizenship and Immigration. By your logic, I guess that means I have to answer for Harkat?

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      Charlie says:

      I see absolutely on problem with a public servant taking a vacation to a place owned by a longtime friend and reimbursing the appropriate travel expenses to Canadians, as per practice of all his predecessors.

      The phrasing of your comment is despicably misleading; this was a wealthy prime-minister spending time with a wealthy friend with whom he had a pre-existing relationship with. There is absolutely no evidence or remote basis to imply any undue influence. If anything, the Trudeau is guilty of bad optics.

      As for chickens — how you see yourself is entirely your prerogative.

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        Charlie says:


        You evidently haven’t an scintilla of understanding of what factual evidence actually means. Had you possessed basic rational intelligence you’d have refrained from using an accusatory term like “corruption” knowing full well that there is no basis for such a claim.

        No, Stephen Harper was not “friends” with the Aga Khan the way Trudeau has been. Besides, we already know the kinds of friends Stephen Harper liked to keep. Remember Phillip Nolan? Stellar company your Saviour kept there.

        You know what else reaches the high-heavens above? Your completely unwarranted snark.

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    daveconstable says:

    What will the members of the Deep State be wearing at the inauguration?

    (Delicious gossip about the arm wrestling between the 20 or so intelligence agencies down there as to which will be demoted, and which promoted under this new administration. One way they compete is to out leak each other.)

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