02.01.2017 03:26 PM

Let slip the Persian dogs of war

War is coming.  Trump is going to declare war on Iran.

Seems pretty obvious.  And, if he’s counting on all the Executive Order fuss being forgotten, as a result, he’d be right.



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    Michael S says:

    Rex wants his $100/bbl oil and so does Vlad.

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      jay says:

      So does Rachel Notley–unintended consequence.

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    The Doctor says:

    Apparently if you’ve read Flynn’s book, this is not a surprise.

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    daveconstable says:

    In 2001, USA’s loyal allies in NATO sprang to the defense of USA against Afghanistan’s imminent threat to the USA…not sure if it was the Afghan air force, or missiles, or navy…but clearly, Article 5 of the NATO agreement clicked in and we stopped Afghansitan’s aggression against the USA.

    So, it will be interesting to see if Iran’s allies in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and and Uzbekistan (I’m not sure whether Pakistan and India are members yet) will use the military part of SCO agreement to respond to aggression against Iran.

    Boy oh boy, Washington Billionaire/General cabinet sure must be in a panic to either control or destroy the whole OBOR project.

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      bluegreenblogger says:

      oh…. The reason NATO went to war with Afghanistan is pretty simple, and very public. Osama Bin Laden publicly took responsibility for the World Trade Centre attack, from his hideout in Afghanistan. A number of nations had only just, reluctantly, recognised the Taliban as Afghanistans Government. The United States, Saudi Arabia etc demanded that the Taliban hand over Bin Laden, Taliban said cannot do it, he has more soldiers than us. When the pressure built, the Taliban backtracked and said, even if we could get him, we will not betray our old comrade. The USA invoked Article 5, as the USA had certainly been attacked, and with the Taliban off the fence and firmly supporting Al Qaida, NATO made the decision to go into Afghanistan and remove Bin Laden themselves. The original plan collapsed when the Northern Alliance’s leader was assassinated by the Taliban. (The news photographer had a gun built into his camera lens, lol). We all pretend that we went there to free girls, or save the children, but actually, we were supposed to be there for a short sharp fight. I think we stayed to try and steal the country, and piss off Russia.

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        daveconstable says:

        Not what I remember.
        bin Laden was reported as having lauded the hi jacked planes attacks, but said he was not a part of the operation. USA demanded that Kabul hand over bin Laden. Kabul said that bin Laden said he was innocent and asked the USA for evidence. USA refused evidence. bi Laden offered to turn himself in to an international court, but USA nixed that, and invaded – as they had threatened to do in July and in January of 2001.
        I agree, Article 5 was invoked on the absurd premise that Afghanistan was an imminent threat to the USA. Our media told us that the Bush 43 regime was showing ‘evidence’ to its NATO allies, but it was secret evidence then, and still is – at least to little people like me.

        When USA invaded, their soldiers kept coming up with videos and documents of someone looking like bin Laden conspiring with cronies.

        The story of the murder of bin Laden and the dump of the body into the ocean had felt more like a Scorcese movie than reality. Gangster stuff!

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    doconnor, a slave to pompous scientism says:

    I’m not sure the US people would tolerate a one week Persian Gulf oil blockade, never mind a war.

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    Ted H says:

    “Wag the Dog”

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    neil says:

    And once they are at war, everybody has to “support the president” or else they are traitors and Trump can do ANYTHING he wants.

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      Kelly says:

      No that won’t happen this time. People aren’t going to let this wad blow up the world. The globalist Republicans like the Koch brothers, the Waltons of Walmart fame, leaders of any industry that relies heavily on imports, are already preparing to replace Trump with Pence because Trump will cost them too much money. Trump won’t be Prez anymore by August.

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        redraven says:

        No but Bannon will.

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    Charlie says:

    Not likely.

    Iran and Russia are very close strategic allies: both share very similar geopolitical interests and have shared similar dislike for American chauvinism in foreign missions. While the relationship had become strained when Iran opened up a dialogue with the US under Obama, trust between Iran and Russia only set to grow as massive shift in Syrian mission set to take place with new American regime.

    At one point, Putin found himself on the outs of foreign diplomatic relationships as traditional allies turned towards the US for opportunities. But with Trump’s mouth now firmly sown onto Putin’s asshole, Iran can rest assured that they will not face any meaningful repercussions from America so long as Putin explicitly warns Trump against doing so.

    Going forward, we are going to see the some weird-ass alliances globally:

    – Russia and US will act as partners in Syria and Iraq to inevitably reinstate Assad and bomb non-government controlled areas indiscriminately.
    – US likely going to lift all Ukraine-related sanctions, thus leaving Eastern European allies of US effectively abandoned (Trump won’t see any benefit in that strategic relationship)
    – Iran will become a proxy partner of the US, despite rhetoric, in Syria.
    – Saudi Arabia and Turkey — both of whom have ties to Trump through business interests — could feel left out of Syria/Iraq conflict and end up propping up Sunni-extremists even more. Or, Trump’s businesses thrive under favourable conditions and the US give these two states complete control of Middle-East.
    – Israel is going to be interesting. A lot of rhetorical support, but I’m curious to see how Trump handles the festering anti-semitism of Bannon and far-right support base.
    – Apparently Australia has reason to be concerned now.
    – India-US relations will thrive under Trump; Trump is fond of Indian businessmen and Modi’s “open for business” attitude.
    – Mexico could find itself no longer even an ally to US.

    This is all assuming that Trump continues his friendly relationship towards Russia. There is apparently a real concern in the Kremlin that Trump could end up a completely unreliable ally. If that happens, Trump is could end up completely alone on the international stage and vulnerable domestically as Russia inevitably tries what it can to remove Trump.

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    Pythia says:

    Trump will not engage in any military action at this time unless absolutely necessary.

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    Dan Calda says:

    Again…Trudeau needs to keep his mouth shut publically.
    Trump is facing blowback from all quarters. Now he is against the Settlements? I am sure that will go over well with Sheldon.
    He will be removed…if he doesn’t walk back the reality tv schtick.

    But just like any child…he is testing his boundries.

    The fascinating powerplay will be Adelman and Bannon. One of the biggest Jewish backers to the Republican Party…vs…an anti semite. Wow…

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      daveconstable says:

      I though that Bannon had disdain for Jewish people, but was an “I -support -Israel -unconditionally’ guy.

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