02.02.2017 01:51 PM

Now featured on HuffPo: don’t take the long way home, Justin



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    daveconstable says:

    The Trudeau regime shows signs that it will mesh well with the regime in Washington: pipelines and dams are in – and electoral reform is out. The latter makes sure the former can happen with just a late Friday announcement.

    The executive order trashing the months of committee work, the 700 plus witnesses’ contributions, the cross country meetings of interested Canadians, and the promise made by every Liberal MP on electoral reform, is an elegant adoption by the Trudeau regime of the Trump governance style.

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    daveconstable says:

    Kinder Morgan, and now electoral reform…relations with Trump won’t matter too much when BC voters go to the polls in 2019.

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    jen says:

    A thing to ponder about this Trump/Australia phone call – was this story leaked somehow and by whom?

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    Bill Templeman says:

    Meanwhile, in other news, Kevin O’Leary has managed to sabotage his own campaign with a bit of poorly-timed gun-love. His team posted a clip of him firing a bunch of automatic weapons at a Miami gun range. Our Rambo. Unfortunately the post went up during the funeral for 3 of the victims killed at the Quebec City mosque shooting. Unfortunate timing you might say. unfortunate judgement you also might say. http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/kevin-oleary-posts-machine-gun-video-during-funeral-for-quebec-mosque-shooting-victims

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      Aongasha says:

      Ha! You really think this will hurt O’Leary? Not a chance. Every media attack means a rise in polls & more financing help. Watch!

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        Bill Templeman says:

        Aongasha, if we were all living in the fly-over states, you would be right on the money and I could be accused of wearing ideological blinders. But Canada has a slightly different political culture. Look at US media, for example. Fox News is #1. Up here? The closest thing we have to Fox would be Ezra Levant’s Rebel.com site. Very minor player indeed. CTV, Global. Post Media & CBC all more popular. A few, perhaps not many, will leave O’Leary because of this. Not so much for the gun-love, but for the bad judgment. But many more may not get on his bus because of this. So his growth may be hurt. Then Leitch’s growth may be hurt as well given the departure of her campaign manager. At least for now. A lot can happen in a few months….You are right in that O’Leary’s fans will, by and large, not be offended by this gun clip. But it may hamper his growth.

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    Dan Calda says:

    Seems to me there are multiple shell games afoot. David Frum (gasp) was really good this morning.

    The Koch Bros. and the billionaire class are already reigning Commander Marmalade in. Trudeau needs to keep his powder sonewhat dry until we see how the powerplay shakes out. Trump is a clear and present danger to the years of work the Koch Bros. put in.F When your enemies are feuding…

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    Pythia says:

    Lets not kid ourselves.

    Canada lives next to the US Elephant and when it walks around you don’t want to be under one of its feet.

    Unlike the past when we had reasonable or quiet elephants, this time we have Jumbo the rogue elephant who’s wandering in everyone’s living rooms around the expensive porcelain and crystal curio cabinets.

    We had better get a better game plan than just show up at protest marches.

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