02.09.2017 05:41 PM

Vote now, vote often! Trump’s family did!


  1. He would declare martial law if he loses, not if he wins.

  2. daveconstable says:

    I would vote, but I know the outcome now, and it would be unfair to your messengers on this site.

    It can’t be helped.but this kind of thing stateside does affect is quite a bit. Those fellows walking across at Emerson are suffering because of ignorance about what our prairie winter can do to a person. I guy could feel for the fellows who have been injured by the cold.
    The Affordable Care Act down there, for me, had a major effect of guaranteeing minimum profits to the (parasitical) health insurance industry down there, and those companies were able to increase their pressures on our public health care system.

    Their new Education Secretary looks to have a tax payer funded voucher and privatization agenda for their public schools. Should that get any more traction than it has, there will surely be voucher and privatization pressures on our public systems.

    Under NAFTA, it’s easy to move something into the private sector, but very expensive on the taxpayer to move in the other direction. (That’s party why your NDP in the early 1990’s did not go to a public auto insurance system. Manitoba and BC had it before NAFTA came along.)

    So – the court of first instance upheld, but the government is sure to appeal, and individuals not certain about what is going on will continue to do things like walking across Minnesota in the dangerous cold of winter.

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