03.22.2017 09:28 AM

A Sorbara story

Greg Sorbara was on Steve Paikin’s The Agenda last night on TVO.  I was at Strombo’s place watching Against Me! play in Strombo’s living room, so I missed Steve’s show.  But I certainly heard about it afterwards.

On Paikin’s much-watched program, Greg Sorbara did to Kathleen Wynne in 2017 what he did to Jean Chretien in 2002: he went out onto the public airwaves and called for the resignation of a sitting, elected, majority party leader.  One he had previously supported.

Federally, we all know how that genius strategy turned out, don’t we?  In the case of my former boss, Martinet thuggery persuaded him to stay way longer than he’d planned.  His unctuous successor blew the Liberal Party of Canada to bits, and was thereafter relegated to a historical footnote.  Take that, mutineers.  Put that in your pipe, Greg.

So, anyway: Greg is at it again, 15 years later.  You will perhaps understand why I’ve never been a fan.

Oh, and this, too. It’s an anecdote: way back in 2009 or so, I got a call one day.  It was from a friend who worked, at a quite senior level, for Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara.

“Um, the Minister would like you to stop being critical of his friend Bob Rae on your web site,” she said.

“I beg your pardon?” I said.

She was very, very uncomfortable, and said so.  “I didn’t want to make this call,” she said.  “I said it was a bad idea.”

“It was,” I said to my friend. “Nobody tells me what to write, ever. You tell the Minister to go to Hell, okay?”

I let the Premier and a few others know what had happened, and it didn’t happen again.   Greg Sorbara kept away from me, and eventually left provincial politics.

On The Agenda last night, Greg was back to his old tricks.  He supported Jean Chretien, then cheerfully played the role of Brutus.  He supported Kathleen Wynne, and is reprising the Brutus role.

I don’t know for sure who Greg Sorbara is trying to help out with all this crap.  But I’ll tell you one thing.

It isn’t helping that Minister, or the Ontario Liberal Party, at all.





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    Mike says:

    For a guy who was in politics as long as Sorbara was he has the people skills of a wet noodle.

    My guess as to who he’s trying to help, the MPP who succeeded him.

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      Warren says:

      That’s what I’ve been told.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      Succeeded him at what?

      Minister? Dwight? Would be interesting with him against Sandie?

      Minister? Charlie?

      MPP? Stevie?

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        MississaugaPeter says:

        Interesting research (Wikipedia) for above reply found that his daughter is Dragonette. Wow! Also interesting that she went to Toronto Waldorf School (private) vs. YCDSB or YRDSB. One thing to be private citizen and send children to private school, quite another when top Ontario minister and not send children to public school.

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    P. Brenn says:

    I know politics is a dirty game ..war rooms and the such….but never understood this working against own team thingy….how do you trust these folks ever again….

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    Mulletaur says:

    Please remind me – who did Greg Sorbara support for leadership last time?

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