03.28.2017 07:39 AM

Alternate facts aren’t just an American thing, apparently 

Here’s the Toronto Star:

Ontario’s minister for the status of women is taking Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown to task for appearing in a luncheon speaker series arranged by the men-only Cambridge Club.

And here’s the Ottawa Citizen:

The Cambridge Club is not where Brown is to speak. He’s speaking at a restaurant attached to the Toronto Athletic Club, which is a different club, in a different building, with a different clientele. It’s a corporate cousin to the Cambridge Club — it is part of the “Cambridge Group of Clubs” — but it is not the Cambridge Club. And the restaurant, though affiliated with the club, is public.

Confused? You’re not alone. 

It appears Brown is not speaking at a “men’s only club,” contrary to what the Star seems to be claiming. It’s “affiliated.”

A couple lessons, here. 

One, a war room – and I ran all three of Dalton McGuinty’s – needs to always be scrupulously accurate. When criticizing an opponent, there’s no room for error. The OLP war room made one. Read the Citizen report. 

Two, alternate facts aren’t just an American phenomenon. The Star story creates the impression Brown is hanging out in a men-only club, when in fact he simply isn’t. It is misleading. The Star can decide for itself if it is deliberately misleading, but I won’t hold my breath for any in-print autopsy. 

Kellyanne Conway, come on up! All is forgiven. 


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    Michael Clifton says:

    A recent Slate article by Will Oremus suggested the media was finally waking up to the fact that Trump is an inveterate liar.

    On Facebook, I said: “I suspect the focus in media on Trump’s lack of truth telling comes late primarily because the public’s concern for truth is merely latent, rather than being a dominant feature of our political discourse (further evidenced by the fact that, really, both contenders in the last election clearly were – or, at least, clearly appeared to be – liars, but they both made it to that level of the game anyway). Most people only wanna hear what they wanna hear, truth-be-damned. Maybe the experience of an obviously dishonest president will change things. But I doubt it.”

    I further conjecture that the war room and the Toronto Star are simply in line with the current trend to prefer soundbytes to substance, and titillation to truth. It’s no longer “is it right,” but “does is sell” that matters.

    They probably take the position that if it convinces any idiots out there, it’s worth it.

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    Matt says:

    Classic case of “Ready…..FIRE……Aim”

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    Carey Miller says:

    Well done. With nary a mention, you redirect the fault from MPP Nadoo, who stated that the speech was at the Cambridge Club, to The Star.

    You may be right. The Star reported a Liberal MPP’s words about Brown without fact checking. They should know that anything the Liberals say about Brown is spun so tight one is in danger when it begins to unravel.

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      Warren says:

      Political people will always push the boundaries of truth. Media shouldn’t.

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    Robert Viera says:

    In his 17-year political career, Patrick Brown has never run against a male incumbent.

    Brown has made a career of displacing more experienced women from public office.

    He did it to Barrie city council member Jean Sweezie in 2000.

    He did it to federal cabinet minister and Barrie MP Aileen Carroll in 2006.

    Brown’s latest conquest prevented Christine Elliott from becoming the Ontario PC Party’s first female leader.

    Now Brown wants to take the job of Ontario’s first female Premier.

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      Matt says:

      I really hope that is an attempt at sarcasm.

      But you neglected a MALE MPP stepped down from his riding to allow Brown to run for a seat in the Ontario legislature.

      And if you want to get technical, the voters displaced those women, not Brown.

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        Robert Viera says:

        It’s not as though there were very many women in the PC caucus that Brown could have asked to step aside.

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      Robert Viera says:

      Jean Chretien didn’t chose his opponent. The old federal PC Party chose Ms. Campbell. Mr. Chretien was already Liberal Party leader.

      Patrick Brown, in making his move into municipal politics, then into federal politics, and now into provincial politics each time has chosen to run against a female opponent.

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        Warren says:

        So? Women are stronger and smarter than men. What’s your point?

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    Gyor says:

    I remember the last Ontario election where the Toronto Star tried to make Andrea Horwath out to be rightwing, comparing her to Thatcher. At this point the star is starting to feel like it IS the Liberals war room and it is consistently using alternate “facts”, on a host of issues.

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