03.29.2017 08:49 AM

Alykhan Velshi et al.

I don’t know how many mainstream news outlets covered it, but I wanted to note that Alykhan Velshi – the Conservative genius who worked for both Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney on their party’s (now apparently discarded) efforts to reach out to minority communities – has been named Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown’s Chief of Staff.  It is a big and very smart hire.

Alykhan now joins Kathleen Wynne’s (brilliant, affable) Chief of Staff Andrew Bevan and Andrea Horwath’s (brilliant, affable) Chief of Staff Michael Balagus at the Pink Palace.

I have known and/or worked with all three of these guys, and can tell you that Brown and Wynne and Horwath are well-served.  This trio are among the smartest folks in Canadian politics.

It’ll be an interesting few months, as the June 2018 Ontario election inches closer.



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    Mario says:

    Liberals won’t be able to shake the Hydro file. The advertising campaign about the 25% rate cut is not tempering voter anger.

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    P. Brenn says:

    good to know there are good people in leaders offices .. regardless of stripe

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    Matt says:

    When Velshi’s hiring was announced in mid February, most of the media that did report on it focused on his ties to the group Ethical Oil or brought up 3 year old claims that Velshi was the person who was giving that disaster that was Paul Calandra his talking points to respond to questions in the HOC

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    In this political climate, what counts is more like what have you done for me lately?, rather than being well served.

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