03.08.2017 04:46 PM

An open letter to Ontario Liberal mutineers

Dear Mutineers:

My experience is that this sort of thing doesn’t ever work.  If leaders are going to take a walk in the snow, you gotta let ’em do it on their own, boys and girls.

My Boss would’ve left a lot sooner if the Martinite minions hadn’t tried to force him out.  And then, when Team Juggernaut finally got in, all they’d succeeded in doing was blowing to bits the most successful political party in Western democracy.  Prime Minister Blip, bon soir.

(And, is it deeply ironic that the Martinite campaign folks who tanked the party in Ottawa are the selfsame Martinite campaign folks who are now tanking the party in Toronto? Why, yes.  Yes, it is indeed ironic.)

Anyway. Will Kathleen Wynne go?  Beats me.  But it’s up to her.  My hunch: if the 25 per cent Hydro cut – and the balanced budget, and various other budgetary goodies – don’t move the needle in the right direction, she won’t want to go down with the ship.  Who would?

That said, Crawley is below, and the link to this (clumsy) web site is here.


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    Charlie says:

    Ontario Liberals should take a look at their neighbours to the west in Manitoba if they want a glance of what their future may hold.

    The NDP in Manitoba governed for 16 years and fell apart at the seem after the Premier raised the PST by 1% and his cabinet tried pushing him out “for the good of the party”.

    Dirty laundry was aired out, leadership race got ugly, accusations got thrown and the whole thing turned into one embarrassing drama for the governing party; already low in the polls at the time. Now the NDP is a stump of a caucus struggling with its identity in opposition.

    Voters hate this type of thing.

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      tf says:

      Or take a look at the BC NDP — Carole James was just about ready to govern and then the mutineers stepped in. They elected Adrian Dix who lost miserably to Christy Clark.
      I blame those 13 NDP MLAs for 17 corrupted years under a BC Liberal government. And more than likely for another election cycle come this May. The BC NDP has been out of government for decades because they didn’t back their leader.
      Learn from history folks!

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    Mike says:

    Who could replace Wynne?
    1) Members of her Cabinet: All tainted by Wynne’s incompetent, meddling, lying, corrupt, out-of-touch, spendthrift leadership.
    2) Backbench MPPs: Sorry , but if you weren’t impressive enough to displace the gormless Liz Sandals from the cabinet table, you have no hope of holding on to the Premiership for any length of time.
    3) Federal cabinet members: Yeah, right.
    4) Backbench MPs: A few in the “maybe” category, but the backbenches on the right in Ottawa are a lot closer to power than any seat on the left in Toronto is.
    5) Non-politicians: If only Sandra Pupatello hadn’t taken the Hydro One gig.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Here’s our story in 2005. A prominent CPC player said that Harper was prepared to consider resigning but was talked out of it by a highly respected unelected Conservative in the party. But I have no idea if this version of the Jamieson Adventure is true.

    And a year later, Harper was PM. So, he certainly got the last and best laugh!

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This thing has absolutely zero credibility. They aren’t even willing to put out their names. Makes them look like cowards compared to Kathleen who even has the guts to go down fighting if she has to.

    You simply can’t follow the McGuinty exit template. Lightning can’t strike twice in the same place.

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    Robert Frindt says:

    the difference between Wynne and Chretien was that Martin and his minions wanted to force out Chretien because he was too popular, and they thought he would never leave.

    In the case of Wynne, they are worried that she will “do a Hatfield” and take them all down with her.

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    P. Brenn says:

    hmmm ..unnamed…stand up and speak up …or move along

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    Pythia says:

    You have to admit, there’s some poetic justice to this since David Herle supported the Martin revolt and now he’s on the receiving end….


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    Ridiculosity says:

    The US has Deep State. Ontario gets Deep Stupidity.

    That embarrassingly lame website (and content) isn’t going to incite any type of ‘movement’. Other than the kind that can be encouraged with ample fibre intake.

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    Matt says:

    Just reading some of the comments, it’s quite funny.

    Everyone loves the anonymous sources when they are working against your opponent, but hate them when they are working against your team.

    Human nature I guess.

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    Sea Dog says:

    remember Captain Bligh …

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    Brent says:

    TLDR version: if you’re depose the monarch, you better depose the monarch, or a shit storm shall ensue.

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