03.16.2017 09:34 AM

And the hilarious thing is he’s too stupid to even see it happening


  1. Charlie says:

    Brilliant? Absolutely.

    Plus it makes Ivanka look incredibly stupid. Like she can’t muster up enough fortitude to denounce the rhetoric coming from the WH but is more than happy to hit the town with a person who is the antithetical embodiment of her father.

    Once Trump is out of office and has successfully made America “great again”, Trudeau isn’t going to be around for Ivanka to latch onto so she can appear liberal. She clearly hasn’t grasped the cost of her complicity in the shit-show of Washington. Americans are distracted by the antics of her father at the moment, but will eventually turn their attention to this woman who paraded around like a sympathetic progressive in the mecca of liberal-istan (NYC) while she supported her father in his agenda to erode literally everything liberals care about.

    But, anyways; kudos to team Trudeau for successfully using Ivanka as she desperately tries to reconcile her hypocrisy.

    • dave constable says:

      No, Charlie, you don’t want to visit the sins of the father on to the child.
      Remember in Jeremiah in Chapter 31 where Jeremiah prophecies that there will come a time when people will no longer say that the parents ate the sour grapes, and then the children will get the sour taste? The way it’s going to work is whoever eats sour grapes will have his ‘own teeth’ set on edge, and he will suffer from his own sin.
      Ivanka and the Libs will get along famously. They’re on the same page: Smile toothily, burble a platitude, make a buck for everyone on the inside.

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