03.29.2017 06:13 AM

Anti-Racist Canada: Leitch speaks to hate group


Ron Banerjee and Rise Canada Hate Group Meets With Kellie Leitch

…Banerjee also operates Twitter accounts for both Canadian Hindu Advocacy and Rise Canada in which he celebrates the deaths of Muslims and Sikhs, post misogynistic diatribes against women, and attacks the LBTGQ community.

The post assumes the reader knows a lot about the group in question. So I would encourage you to read the whole thing, at the link above. More about Banarjee here and here.  More about his hate group, which Leitch apparently supports, here.

Leitch has made a lot of mistakes in her campaign. This is a big one.

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    Charlie says:

    A lot of people (if not most) don’t know this but, right-wing nationalism reemerged long before Trump or Geert Wilder.

    When India elected Narendra Modi as PM back in 2014, they chose a Hindu-nationalist over the ostensibly secular, centre-left alternative of the Congress party. Narendra Modi has been a key figure in the Hindutva movement for a while and has faced some questions/criticisms relating to his time as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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