03.22.2017 09:33 AM

I am also reminded of Star Trek season two, episode 15, The Trouble With Tribbles


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    Daryl gordon says:


    Interesting development. Cnn, NYTimes, Politico at al reporting that the house Intel chairman has received numerous reports from intelligence sources indicating “incidental” surveillance was conducted on Trump transition team and possibly Trump himself post election.

    This surveillance was legally permitted under FISA warrant but the US citizens who were inadvertently monitored
    were illegally identified. That would be Trump transition team, family members, cabinet appointees etc. Surveillance was conducted by Obama appointees in his outgoing administration.

    This “inadvertent ” surveillance sort of reminds me of the “inadvertent ” use of the IRS to target conservative groups and the “inadvertent ” use of intelligence agencies to target political adversaries both foreign and domestic. Why not, look how the Democratic committee fixed the nomination, cheated on the debates and colluded with compliant media. Thanks again Wikileaks.

    Regarding Flynn and Manafort’s past financial links with Russia or Ukraine, it’s chump change compared to the $125 million sent to the Clinton Foundation for the Uranium deal while Clinton was secretary of state. Podesta also has financial links to Putin connected energy company Joule Unlimited.(Wikileaks, thanks again) Is Democratic business with Russia permitted while Republican business high treason?

    Trump now has his man in the justice department, felony criminal acts have been committed by Obama appointees (leaking of classified documents and the unmasking of US citizens in FISA surveillance)

    I wonder whose high ranking head will role and what tails will be spun to save his legal skin. Stay tuned.

    Ps: Trump most likely can’t spell “surveillance” hence the term “wiretapp” sic

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