03.20.2017 07:17 AM

Who if in agreement with Kellie Leitch?

If anyone else in agreement with her? Is so, comment below!



  1. Phil says:

    No issues with either. On workup training to go overseas to Afghanistan, soldiers have to experience getting pepper-sprayed in the face and then go chase down their assailant. It hurts and stings for a couple of hours, but it’s not the end of the world. I don’t mind allowing people with this option, particularly young ladies who are out late at night.

    Standard laws of self-defence should always apply…otherwise you should be taken to court for civil and/or criminal liability.

  2. I’m thinking only women who feel fear when walking alone at certain times or places should answer.

    In the meantime, though, because I am essentially an idiot, I will make these comments:

    While I am not sure of the wisdom of Leitch’s view (and also have a knee-jerk readiness to dismiss anything she says in service of her campaign), I also find Ms Hadju’s previous statement about this — “we are developing a federal gender-based violence strategy in consultation with provinces, territories and grassroots organizations to ensure that women in Canada can live free from violence” — laughably naive and substantially void, even if it represents a more pragmatic view of what the government probably actually has capacity to do about this problem. I also wonder what has actually been done since that statement was made approximately one year ago. Oh, I know; this: http://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/violence/strategy-strategie/index-en.html. Which says, more or less, what we already knew; and that proposes to do exactly, well, er, “something” — oh, make that, “something strong” — about it.

    So, from my narrow-minded masculine-ish point of view, I agree 100% that the keys to eliminating gender-based violence against women are essentially educating men and changing the cultural attitudes that support such violence (which I believe includes all forms of sexual objectification of persons, including those things often referenced as “liberating”) rather than arming women; but, in the meantime, I will risk Ms Hadju’s and other feminists’ ire by hoping aloud that every woman carries something — be it mace, or black-belt training — to protect herself till that transitional period of educating the entire male population and transforming our culture is done.

    In the meantime, this does not mean that I support Leitch or believe she is a good candidate to party or national leadership.

  3. FatherMurph says:

    Your comments above remind me of the irate callers to the talkback re (fake) news pieces on the CBC radio (comedy) show “This is That”. Those voicemails are my favourite part of the show!

  4. ABB says:

    Stop (b)eating your readers with this semantic bullshite on a Monday morning!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Running out of letters so early in the campaign? She must have taken that last f and put it after her name.

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