03.20.2017 02:48 PM

Pollyanna says: hail to Canada’s media

It’s not because the NNA nominees are out that I am reminded that we have some of the best media in the world. Not at all. I think, like Jerry Seinfeld, that award shows are horseshit.

No, I believe that – for such a small country – we have some of the best reporters and editors in the world. We are extraordinarily well-served. How well? Well, my view is that Donald Trump could not have happened here. Our media would have been calling “bullshit” a lot sooner than their U.S. counterparts did (Paul Godfrey’s gutting exercise notwithstanding).

Anyway. To my former journalistic colleagues, I say: you are among the best of the best. If that makes me Pollyanna, so be it.

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  1. dave constable says:

    Yeah, Trump, maybe not…still, our media seemed to me to give O Leary more mention than other Conservative candidates even before O Leary was in the race. Now that he is in, if our media mentions any candidate names, they will include O Leary.

    But, yeah, I follow a few of our reporters on twitter because I think they do a good job.

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