03.19.2017 10:00 AM

The best column yet on the Unpresident

By Dowd, naturally:

…we’ve never watched a president so hungrily devour his own presidency.

Soon, there won’t be anything left except the sound of people snickering.

Consumed by his paranoia about the deep state, Donald Trump has disappeared into the fog of his own conspiracy theories. As he rages in the storm, Lear-like, howling about poisonous fake news, he is spewing poisonous fake news.

The Hirshhorn has a sold-out exhibit of Yayoi Kusama’s stunning infinity mirror rooms. But they are nothing compared to the infinity mirror room of Trump’s mind, now on display a mile and a half away at the White House.

Many voters who took a chance on the real estate mogul and reality TV star hoped he would grow more mature and centered when confronted with the august surroundings of the White House and immensity of the job. 

But instead of improving in office, Trump is regressing. The office has not changed Trump. Trump has changed the office.

He trusts his beliefs more than facts. So many secrets, so many plots, so many shards of gossip swirl in his head, there seems to be no room for reality.

His grandiosity, insularity and scamming have persuaded Trump to believe he can mold his own world. His distrust of the deep state, elites and eggheads — an insecurity inflamed by Steve Bannon — makes it hard for him to trust his own government, or his own government’s facts.

Yesterday at Comedy Trumps Hate, I was brought onstage to be sort-of of interviewed and provide fodder for The Monkey Toast Players – featuring no less than Colin Mochrie and Pat McKenna! – and suggested that Trump really was the enemy of all that is good and decent, and that it really wasn’t all that funny anymore. So, fight back, I urged.  Here’s a few ways to do so.

Anyway. Dodd’s column. Read it. She’s got a ringside seat to the end of America, but she still has a sense of humour. 


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    dave constable says:

    Sometimes seems to me a hint of denial is pretending that this regime is not a next step in what has been evolving in Washington for some decades. Perhaps a wrinkle in Washington today is that the billionaires and generals, – having dirtied their diapers that had not the Democratic Party shafted Sanders, he might be pres, – have moved out of the shadows to actually take the cabinet seats.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    Dowd is a brilliant writer. Full stop.

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