03.15.2017 08:24 AM

When silence speaks volumes 


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    Robert Frindt says:

    Just like the Democrats wanted to run against Reagan and Trump…

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    doconnor says:

    Lots of Democrats wanted Trump to be the nominee. That didn’t work out very well.

    Even the if one of them doesn’t form the next government, their presence as a major party leader will damage the country.

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    Charlie says:

    I have to disagree.

    The Liberals would be stupid to think just because Kevin O’Leary is brash and disliked that Trudeau will automatically look great by contrast.

    We’re going into the 2019 elections with completely different expectations. Trudeau will no longer be the perceived underdog/lightweight. If he can’t make O’Leary look like a bitch, then he’ll concede a lot of ground to someone who appears more confident. And as we know, O’Leary possesses an abundance of confidence.

    Kellie Leitch is a little different.

    I think if Leitch does somehow win the nomination for the CPC, she’ll pretty much destroy the party along the lines of PC/Alliance. She has no ability to bring people together and a lot of centrist conservatives will exit the party in disgust. She’ll then have to follow Rona Ambrose as interim leader and will end up making Trudeau look way stronger in comparison to someone with absolutely no personality.

    A Leitch CPC also cripples its math to grow seats in key regions. She can’t speak French worth shit but even if she goes full xenophobe to win Quebec, she’ll lose battles left and right in Ontario and BC. It bears being said, America is not the same as Canada in terms of a path to electoral success.

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      Dan Calda says:

      Leitch, O’ Mouth, Chong or Raitt…matters not. They are all fishing from the same pond. Trudeau’s future will be determined by Never Decide Party.

      The only threats to a long rule by JT is the ability for the NDP to get their belief systems straightened out..and if he doesn’t get his act together with the legalization promise…with every arrest, coupled with a fentynal death…folks get more pissed of by the day

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        Ray says:

        Right. Because legalization is first & foremost on the minds of the electorate.
        That’s another promise I’m fine with him breaking.

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          Dan Calda says:

          Medicinal pot liscences have quadrupled in the past year. There are millions of Canadians living in the closet…or who have recently come out. On an emotional level this is similar to PET’s decriminilizing homosexuality. Do that many care? I doubt it…but perhaps enough in close ridings that Trudeau won and got his majority.
          As many 50+ folks consume as does our youth. Many of these folks will go back to their traditional homes…the NDP…if Trudeau breaks this promise.

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        Charlie says:

        The NDP couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag at this point, let alone a belief system. By the time the NDP even begins getting their shit together, Trudeau will have stepped aside as leader.

        I think you’re overestimating the political value of legalization. While I concede that many people did for Trudeau on that basis (I can attest to witnessing this myself), whether he delivers on that promise or not, many progressives are bound to abandon Trudeau by the end of his second mandate. But its not even remotely enough to a) revive the NDP to challenge the Liberals on the left or b) bring down the Liberals.

        Where the Liberals could be vulnerable is if someone like Peter Mackay becomes leader, campaigns hard to the centre of the spectrum, courts youth and multicultural communities and sucks votes away from the Liberals. Progressives, for the most part, are sticking with Trudeau if it means keeping Leitch, O’Leary and Bernier out of power.

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    Gilbert says:

    The best choice for the Conservatives is Maxime Bernier.

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