04.18.2017 11:30 AM

Falling On Your Sword Can Remedy Even The Worst PR Disaster

Now in HuffPo, here.  Per the old saw, it’s the cover-up, and seldom the break-in:

Such mistakes can have profound consequences, if you don’t deal with them quickly. Personally, I am always a big fan of Bible-thumping Republican/Conservative politicians who regularly denounce gays/abortion/infidelity — and then, subsequently and inevitably, get caught having gay sex/procuring abortions/working with sex workers. Without fail, they end up exposed as sweaty, creepy, debauched nut bars, not self-professed men of God. And regular folks — as United, Pepsi and the White House certainly discovered in recent days — punish them not for the sin, but for the hypocrisy.

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    dave constable says:

    I wonder, though: we see the cover ups that do not work. I wonder, since trying to cover up a gaffe or misdeed happens so often, if perhaps cover ups work more often than not.

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