04.16.2017 04:21 PM

Berkeley: I can’t stop laughing at this picture

There were some confrontations between Left and Right – or, more accurately, antifa and white supremacists – at Berkeley in the past few days. As my Canadian friend (and Berkeley resident) Mike Brock wryly observed: “must be Saturday.”

Anyway, the Berkeley street fights attracted cameras, which meant that those who love to see themselves on camera were attracted to Berkeley, too. Including some Canadians. 

Here’s one on the, um, right. It’s our very own Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Clueless, Lauren Southern. 

I have laughed at this photo every time I have looked at it. Perhaps you will laugh, too. 

Who is the nerdling beside Ilsa? Why, that’s apparently one of the Proud Boys. What’s a Proud Boy, you ask?

Well, they’re sort of a white supremacist frat boy thing. They get drunk and beat up on minorities. They are the brainchild – as it were – of Gavin MacInnes, the anti-Semitic guy on Rebel Media.  He’s a tit. 

Anyway, Gavin’s Proud Boys can be read all about here. But this is my favourite part:

McInnes promotes a similar idea called “#nowanks,” saying that masturbating more than once a month drains one’s interest — especially for millennials — in sex. The caveat: Proud Boys can always masturbate within a yard of a woman, with her consent.

There are times when I am uncharacteriatically at a loss for words. This is one of those times. 

Laughing, however. Still laughing. 


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    Steve T says:

    Not to distract too much from your (accurate) point about the Proud Boys, but Lauren Southern’s treatment by the left has been pretty disgusting, and is similar to the actions of many leftists at Berkeley. The dumping of urine on Southern’s head, by alleged “feminists” (who were upset that Southern dared to suggest there were only two biological genders), as well as the frequent suppression of free speech at Berkeley, is the sort of behaviour that galvanizes ordinary people and gets morons like Trump, O’Leary, and Leitch elected.

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      Warren says:

      Ezra fired her because she gets aroused by these sorts of confrontations. He (rightly) told her she was exposing herself and his company and others to potential harm. She ignored him, because she gets off on violence.

      If someone wasn’t dumping piss on her Aryan locks, she’d do it herself.

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      Bill Templeman says:

      Agreed, Steve T. We could learn a bit from the British on how to handle crazies like Southern, Goldy, MacInnes and Team Rebel: In a word, ignore them. Otherwise they thrive on conflict. The Americans are making the same mistake with their Dark Prince, alt right fuhrer Richard Spencer, who gets all sorts of extra mileage in the press when he is banned from speaking at universities . He gets all sorts of free press coverage for his racist nonsense.

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    PB3rdDegree says:

    Warren, what is wrong with you?

    Although I disagree with you, I used to believe you tried to get your facts straight. When you say that Proud Boys are white supremacist frat boys who “get drunk and beat up minorities” I would love a source! We have members from every ethnic group and we certainly do not “beat up minorities”. You’re not writing “tongue in cheek”! You state this as if it is a fact. Hence, by doing so, I can no longer believe anything you’ve written in the past.

    Just because you disagree with a group and its political leanings does not give you license to outright lie!

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    Ottawa ProudBoy says:

    • Proud Boys have publicly disavowed white supremacy and Nazism.
    • Proud Boys membership includes men other other white, and some have biracial families.
    • Proud Boys have many goals, but none of them are to “get drunk and beat up on minorities”
    • Your poorly written ad hominem opinion piece is libellous, and could end you up at the business end of a litigious buggy whip.

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      Warren says:

      Watch it, snowflake, or we’ll find out who you really are. And then we’ll tell on you to Mom.

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    PB3rdDegree says:

    I want hate mail. I want spam. Send it to h4hatremoval@gmail.com

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