04.27.2017 10:57 AM

O’Leary, Trudeau, alliterations and the obligatory Hill and Knowlton reference

From next week’s column. I’m rather enthusiastic about political alliterations, as Gerald Butts and Don Guy know too well:

But we’ll give you this much, Kev.  You were uncharacteristically candid when you withdrew from the race at one of those clichéd hastily-called press conferences.  You were honest.  You had reflected, you said, and you and your advisors had concluded you just couldn’t beat Justin Trudeau. (Parenthetically, you should have reflected on the fact, too, that your top advisor was at a soulless, Satanic “consulting firm” that, inter alia, cooked up the fake incubator babies story to justify the Persian Gulf War. But we digress.)

And it was true: you weren’t going to ever, ever beat Justin Trudeau.  He was going to put you – a bloviating blowhard, a misanthropic misogynist, a down-market Donald – through the political Cuisinart.  He was going to shred you to pieces, and make soup out of you, Sharky. 


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    Matt says:

    Are there more CPC members ecstatic he withdrew or are more Liberals bitterly disappointed he withdrew?

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Definitely the latter.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Guess that rules out the tradition of buying the Irish guy a drink to drown his sorrows.

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