04.19.2017 07:26 AM

Unpresident, we’re coming for you

Check out this New York Times chart:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.13.45 AM

This special election was for a vacated seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.  It was a solid, long-time Republican fortress, formerly held by Tom Rice and Newt Gingrich.  It hasn’t sent a Democrat to the House of Representatives since the Carter administration, forty years ago.

Had 30-year-old newcomer Jon Ossoff won just a few more votes, he would have been elected outright last night.  He now faces a run-off against his nearest GOP challenger – a Trump supporter who got 55,000 fewer votes.

Donald Trump, that combed-over, sphincter-mouthed, sausage-fingered groper-in-chief, is an albatross around the jowly necks of every Republican, now.  And he is hurting conservative causes everywhere, even in far-away Europe (see here and here).

The mid-terms, if Agent Orange makes it that far, will be a historic disaster for the Republicans.  And Donald Trump will be the reason.


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    Kevin says:

    So in order to hold that seat the Republicans need very motivated supporters out voting, against poorly motivated Democrat supporters staying away, in the run-off. Seems kind of unlikely.

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    Kevin T. says:

    The right wingers deluded themselves into believing they were riding the crest of a revolution, instead, they are the shallow churning murky part that comes before the actual big wave.

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    BillBC says:

    But in a two-person race, if all the people who voted Dem this time vote Dem again, and all the people who voted for the various Rep candidates vote Rep, the Rep will have a clear win, won’t he?

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    Ted H says:

    The Republicans being what they are, lying, hypocritical, self-righteous, pseudo-Christian bigots, I am afraid they might find a way to cheat.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    He had to win last night. He’s not going to beat a single Republican in that district in a run off. It’s like a Liberal winning Calgary West in a by election. It’s a good showing though. I hope it’s a good indicator of 2018.

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