05.10.2017 06:54 PM

CITY-TV: will Trump ever lose his voters?

And other questions. 


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    What’s Trump’s real motive for firing Comey? The answer may turn out, or not, to be obstruction of justice. Plenty of smoke so far.

    • jay says:

      True, maybe he just didn’t like having a FBI director who was taller than he is–we could all rest better knowing that was the reason, could’t we? Sudden, unaccountable changes in fortune are the hallmark of royal courts and dictatorships.

  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    No, he will never lose his core supporters because the MSM and the Dems are total idiots. They really have not learned anything.

    Like seriously, Tuesday morning all the rage on CNN and Democratic folks was how was the FBI would correct Comey’s statement that “Huma Abedin sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Anthony Weiner”. Complete onslaught on Comey. Later in the day, Comey gets fired by Trump. Now Comey is a saint. Total bullshit. People are sick and tired of this crap.

    The Comey firing was kept in Trump’s back pocket until he needed a diversion.

    The real thing that would have pissed off Trump voters was the Kushner crap in Beijing. Kushner may become the richest man in the United States before Trump is done. But, no one is talking about Kushner since they are talking about Comey. Sorry. Trump 100, MSM/Dems 0.

    The Russia thing really is ridiculous. 1. Hillary and the Dems had just as much contact with the Russians as Trump and his campaign. 2. The DNC emails were not a Russian hack job. Wikileaks made that clear. They got it from former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      It’s not his contacts that have Trump worried. This is really about his deals.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I have to be careful here because as you say nothing is proven. But questions remain about Manafort, Flynn and Kushner, and their alleged business relationships with Russia. Can anyone establish a pattern? We’ll see.

        CNN had an item about the Trump golf courses. A gentleman alleges that Kushner said that they were financed with Russian money. Kushner categorically denies that.

        But though not related, I find it interesting that Le Pen admits that her entire party financing came from Russian banks. The question quickly becomes why? And I don’t mean the answer we are looking for is the obvious one, that all French banks wouldn’t touch the Front national with a ten-foot-pole.

        • MississaugaPeter says:

          Yah, it is a really strange out there, how Russia has now become a bank for all kinds of things.

          I am reading that Kushner got $2B from Soros, so he doesn’t need Russia. Plus his sister who is running his company going to China and getting $500K a pop.

  3. MississaugaPeter says:

    With respect, what deals?

    What exactly could Trump and his cronies have negotiated with the Russians before the election? What could they promise and get in return? They knew of the reach of the NSA/CIA, what deal would they have dared to make?

    Trump is a buffoon, there is no doubt, but he is not stupid. Even if it came around that the Russians were blackmailing him and his cronies, does that change the election result? I see no evidence that Trump has done or given to the Russians anything since he was elected over 7 (YES, 7) months ago.

    Until there is evidence of Trump doing or giving something to the Russians, this is all Much Ado About Nothing.

    While there is an orchestrated attempt to tar Trump with a negative brush, there is no evidence here of a dress with sperm on it.

    Unfortunately, the MSM is spitting into the wind, the credibility they will need once a serious issue arises is rapidly deteriorating.

    The MSM’s Chicken Little routine is getting boring and gaining absolutely no traction – the Dems still hate Trump, the Reps are still o.k. with Trump, and the Indies are still just observing – and IMO, is only helping Trump.


    After 18 months of MSM bashing that none of us have ever witnessed previously in our lives, there is NO REAL FALLOUT, Trump still has a solid, loyal, motivated 40%, that if an election were held today, would probably get him reelected again.

    To end, words of advice to anyone really wishing to have Trump’s legions turn on him: Focus on hypocrisy and nepotism.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      This was in response to Ronald O’Dowd’s reply.

    • Warren says:

      So, Peter, would you have us all give up? Over and over, that seems to be all you say on this growing crisis.

      Fuck that. Democracy, and a civil society, are too important to lose. The rest of us will not stay on the sidelines, spitting cynicism at the “MSM” and claiming – with a straight face – this is all “much ado about nothing.”

      It isn’t. It never was. And I am so, so disappointed by your descent into indifferent Trump apologist.

      • MississaugaPeter says:

        Sorry WK, I don’t believe the survival of all good things is contingent on Trump being stripped of his presidency. A system and society that elects someone like Trump is already fucked up.

        IMO, it is better that energy be directed at the root problems why this occurred, so it does not occur again, rather than trying to deal with the resulting symptom.

        I get your point, what does one do? Sit on one’s hands and reply on this fine website, or actively make people aware of the symptom? In my busy and messed up world, I am trying to divert attention away from the mostly irrelevant to systematic failure. Yah, it may seem as a result I have become a Trump apologist.

        All I am hoping is that someone like you, a punk from Calgary, go after the disease, that being, inequality and education, rather than the symptoms. I have a lot of beefs with Wynne, but the fact that she is making university accessible to all, is her greatest accomplishment. It deals with both inequality and education.

        In America, 1 in 3 African American men will at some time in their lives spend time in jail. In Canada, on any day more than 150 First Nation communities have a water advisory and can’t drink water from their taps. The top 1% owning 50% of the world’s wealth. Pornography on demand for our children to consume and be warped by. The disaster of our millennials, from being exploited to work for free to the fact that boys and education are no longer synonymous.These are a few things that I am depressed are not being considered while the MSM obsesses over Trump.

    • doconnor says:

      The deal was probably to end the Russian sanctions. They haven’t done it yet because that would be even more blatant then Comey’s firing.

      • MississaugaPeter says:

        Yah, and what does Trump get in return? Please don’t suggest that he said to the Russians, you help me get elected, and I will end sanctions.

        However, I do agree that part of a deal was to end the Russian sanctions.

        But the negotiations were for both sides to start standing down militarily (lower the need for NATO) and to start working together in the Middle East. The reality is that Russia killed itself trying to keep up with the Americans during the Cold War, and now Russia spends less than 1/12 what the U.S. does ($622B vs. $48.5B). This makes them no longer among the Top 5 countries in military spending. The other 4 above them are China ($191.8B), UK ($53.8B), India ($50.7B), and Saudia Arabia ($48.7B).

        I sincerely believe that Trump wanted to spend less militarily so he could better deal with the deficit. To do that required to spend less on NATO, and to do that, an agreement with Russia was required. However, what he may have wanted to do is not what has happened as he is spending $50B more this year than last year. That is more this year than the entire military budget of Russia!

        • doconnor says:

          I’ve seen no evidence Trump is smart enough to come up with this High School level plan. He originally said he would save money and make the military stronger.

          I read a theory that to make up to Russia’s lack of military might, they are trying to make their adversaries weaker by destabilizing their democracy and promoting extremist candidates, like Trump and Le Pen. They didn’t expect one of their candidates to actually win the Presidency.

          • MississaugaPeter says:

            The idea that Russia is somehow still this phenomenal power is absurd.

            The population of Russia is just a little over that of Japan and less than Germany/UK combined.

            From an industrial and technological standpoint, it has fallen from its pre-Reagan perch.

            It’s 2017, not 1977, the Russian scaremongering is psychotic and not based on any form of reality.

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