05.02.2017 12:24 PM

CJN on neo-Nazi rag

Story here:

Warren Kinsella, a founding member of Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) and a political consultant, said his organization, and others, “remain determined to keep this violent, racist and misogynistic rag out of their communities.”

Kinsella, who lives in The Beaches, said he first found out about the paper when it appeared in his mailbox. “It was up close and personal hate,” he said.

Kinsella applauded Foote for prohibiting the distribution of Your Ward News, something that STAMP had urged.

“That was a huge victory for the group,” he said.

He noted that a similar measure was taken decades ago against neo-Nazi propagandist Ernst Zundel, and while that step was overturned by the courts, he said it occurred before the charter of rights was introduced and thus may not be a precedent that could be used in these proceedings. 

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